Fat Is Fat Is No Cholesterol…

Exercise-Treadmill-2“Check your cholesterol (level), sir!” cried a salesman about ten feet off to the place I stood. I was at a shopping mall in downtown Bandung last Monday (7/20). “And you can trim your waistline, sir!” said he enthusiastically and rather impolitely as I responded to his cry.

“What did you say?? Can you check my cholesterol level? How can you??” asked I putting aside my interest in the latter suggestion since I am not that plump. 😛 “Yes sir, I can! All you have to do is to stand steadily on this state-of-the-art treadmill!” he replied. “Oh! As simple as that??” I still did not believe what I had heard. But the best way to know the whole picture was of course to let him show how it worked. I was told to stand steadily on the extending portion of the treadmill, he pressed some buttons on the panel before eventually a few figures came out on the display! They were the figures of my weight! It was nothing at all like the figures of my cholesterol level.

“That’s it??” As I wanted to rebut the result, the salesman’s index finger kept pressing the buttons made me opting to listen to his further explanation in case there was one. And indeed, there was one! He finally told me to key in my height in meter. It only took a tiny fraction of a minute to display what he called my cholesterol level. But I was suspicious how could a simple bathroom scale a so-called sophisticated treadmill show the accurate level of my cholesterol? And on the display there was no indicator showing that the figures were my cholesterol level since the unit used on the display was in kilogram! The disapproval of the result was getting sounder as the salesman did not know the unit used in cholesterol level! What’s wrong?

Thank God, it didn’t take long for the astuteness to come into my head. The next second I began to know the whole picture as my mind glided to the BMI (Body Mass Index) formulae! Yes! I suspected that this state-of-the-art treadmill (plus its disguised bathroom-scale) was nothing but a preprogrammed contrivance!!

Before we press ahead let’s see what the formulae look like:


Or if you measure things in foot (ft), inch (in) and pound (lb):

BMI = \frac{weight\:(lb)\times\:703}{height^{2}\:(in)^{2}}

With one foot stands for 12 inches. The normal body mass index falls between 18.5 and 25 on either formula with a little variation from country to country.

Yeah! Then I understood that the figures on the display were not the cholesterol level of mine, instead they were the figures of the excess of my weight over the normal weight! The excess of the weight was considered as the fat but not the cholesterol. Remember, cholesterol and fat are two different things and often laypersons fail to tell one from the other! My analysis was getting more solid as I calculated it through my phone’s calculator and the result obtained approximated to the figures on the contrivance’s display panel. For the rest of you perhaps this article could help telling that to know your precise cholesterol level it certainly requires more than just a novel sophisticated treadmill and a desperate salesman! :mrgreen:


13 responses to “Fat Is Fat Is No Cholesterol…

  1. wah kok englis sih? spt-nya mas yari ga suka sama selesman krn suka ditawar2in paksa di mal2 ya? jgn terlalu sebel mas ntar kualat anak2nya jd seles semua. hehe..

  2. duh bahasa bule…

    saya gak amu gem,uk, itu intinya….

  3. weit.. sori. no understand blast ding :))

  4. hehehe… seems salespersons need to get trained on how to deal with a meticulous person such you are, mas. so, how did it measure your body weight: normal, overweight, or obese? it should be normal, i reckon.

    anyway, i thought he would measure your waist line, which would have made it more sensible for having your approximate cholesterol level, though not accurate either. but he didn’t, did he?

  5. Ahh…sometimes they (the salesman) just dunno what they sell..
    Or maybe they just want to use the word ‘cholesterol’ to attract people.. U know, the word ‘cholesterol’ is more popular than BMI 😀

  6. amppunnn pak.., ndak mudeng sayah…..
    intinye kite ngak boleh tambun yee pak.. 😀 (maap kalo salah)

  7. Waduuuuuuh ma kasih bang.. sekalian ukurin saya yaaaaaaaa
    Salam Sayang

  8. @Ag bint

    Aku kangen posting pake Bahasa Inggris, rasanya udah lama banget. Tapi nanti balik lagi pake Bahasa Indonesia, jangan khawatir! 😀
    Jadi salesman ya nggak apa2, asal jadi salesman yang profesional, yang mau belajar secara komprehensif mengenai produk2 yang dijualnya, jangan cuma asbun dan ‘menipu’ saja… 😀


    Ya syukur deh kalo sadar nggak mau gemuk, tapi juga jangan terlalu kurus ya?? 😀

    @mantan kyai

    ora ngerti blast (into the past..’judul pelem’) babar pisan? Yo wis… mboten nopo2 :mrgreen:


    Huehehe….. it’s an embarrassment to tell what it measures… ehm…. I think I’m a bit overweight but not regarded as obesity. 166 pounds are not good enough for a five-foot-nine like me. I have no idea why I keep gaining weight though I have long reduced the fat intake. I realise that it doesn’t need fat to gain pounds of fat in our body since excessive carbohydrates will be converted and stored in the body as fat for later energy use.. Maybe that’s the most logical explanation 😦

    No, luckily he did not measure my waistline. Firstly he did not have a measuring tape, secondly, if he got one, I wouldn’t let him measure mine since a 37-inch-waistline is not something to flaunt… :mrgreen:


    Yeah… frequently salespersons sell a pig in a poke. but often they don’t realise that some consumers have an X-ray vision that they can see through the poke to figure out what’s inside. Huehehe…

    And, of course, he used the word ‘cholesterol’ instead of BMI not only to attract people’s attention but also to give a false impression that can augment the value of the product.


    Tambun nggak boleh…. seperti lidi juga nggak boleh dong 😀


    Ukurin apa kangBoed?? Ukurin kumisnya kangBoed?? Kan kangBoed nggak punya kumis! Huehuehue…. 😆

  9. Memang cara yang tepat untuk menentukan obes tidaknya seseorang adalah Indeks Massa Tubuh alias BMI. Dengan mengetahui ini, kita tidak harus tertipu pada salesman yang mengatakan kita gemuk.

  10. hahah.. hahah.. ukurin apanya kang boed yaa… 😀

    btw,, aku mau gemuk gimana neh?

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  12. Setahu saya, untuk tahu kadar kolesterol dalam tubuh kita, pengukurannya adalah melalui sampel darah. Kalau kelebihan berat badan, selain dengan rumus BMI, kayaknya ada beberapa rumus yang lain. Rumus paling simpel (tapi mungkin kurang akurat) adalah tinggi badan dikurangi 100 …

  13. @skydrugz

    Huehehehe…. ya intinya jikalau kita ingin membeli sesuatu harus berhati2 jangan cepat percaya pada perkataan para salesman, dan sebaiknya kita selidiki sendiri.


    Mau gemuk?? Makan terus…. jangan berak! 😆


    Thanks atas infonya…


    O iya ya…. saya baru ingat lagi, memang sih kalau nggak salah ada rumus juga yang seperti itu, tinggi badan kurang 100. Tetapi belum sempat saya cek tuh mana yang lebih akurat…

    Iya betul…. harus dengan sampel darah, jadi bukan dengan treadmill dan salesman kan?? huehuehue…

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