Should Our Big Dreams Be Readily Shattered?

PSSI_ILately I am a little fed up with news on J.W. Marriot and Ritz Carlton Hotel bombing. The footage on how the bombers managed to escape security checkpoints and leisurely entered the bombing sites before the bombs went off from all TV stations fills the air. But this is not this article all about. On the other hand, I am interested in a statement coming out from the top person of PSSI that Indonesia’s dream of hosting 2022 World Cup has met its doom! What a remark! As the Manchester United fans nationwide were disappointed by the cancellation of the Jakarta-leg-tour of the top-notch football club, and the people across the archipelago were mourning over the unwanted ordeal, the remark from the top executive of PSSI  was nearly as shocking as the bombing news itself to the football fans nationwide.

I think the statement is too early since the conclusion of the bidding process is still years away and there are so many things that we can do to clear off all the negative images on this country’s security. In one year or two, people across the globe will likely to forget all the memories of the bombing and life goes on. And in one year or two, the PSSI’s top-ranking person’s statement will be regarded as a stale, emotional, unproductive, premature and silly discouraging statement.

Now, do you think that we should lose hope? Do any kinds of terrorism stop us in achieving our exultant big dreams?? We have had  determination that all kinds of terrorism will not make us as a nation go down the drain but obviously by dropping our own dreams we have gone down before the drainage itself is built! And it only shows the world that terrorism is triumphant over our efforts in chasing big dreams! 😦

So, let’s press forward with our endless exertion!

13 responses to “Should Our Big Dreams Be Readily Shattered?

  1. uoohh… English. jek pegel moco wis disuruh moco boso jerman ngene…

    wis, kapan” tak mocone yo?? hehe

  2. So…Who is the bomber?? 😛

  3. Untuk PSSI realisasikan dulu Sepakbola Indonesia yang lebih baik.
    Liga yang benar-benar Super, baru fikirkan PD 2022
    I Like TIMNAS…I Like Macan Kemayoran

  4. no, they shouldn’t be!
    we should proceed the big dreams, showing that we are overcoming all the negative issue other nations have frequently seen lately. yet it needs endless efforts from each and every fellow in this country.

  5. Bali Bomb is still heard even it was 7 years ago. Our chance are 12 years forward -after JW mariot 2nd bomb- to build international trust. PSSI must working hard to reach their big dream, Its a MUST.
    (not only PSSI, so we do)

  6. @diazhandsome

    Cah….cah…. lah wong iki dhudhu bacanne cah cilik kok… huehehe…. :mrgreen:


    The bomber is of course the one who bombed both hotels. As simple as that! :mrgreen:


    Apapun itu, yang jelas andaikan kita tidak jadi tuan rumah piala dunia 2022 bukan karena bom teroris… 🙂


    So true. Now it is the time for us not only to maximise our efforts, but also to translate them into more actual actions based on better strategic plans…. 🙂

    @adipati kademangan

    Of course, ones cannot completely forget one of the most tragic event in our country’s history: The 2002 Bali bombing (and the 2005 Bali bombing 3 years after). But at least the image of the horror is diminishing over the years and the tourists who flock into Bali do not dwindle year in year out.

    I believe this is what would be going on with the recent bombing. People will slowly forget the tragedy though it may be impossible to completely erase it from the people’s mind. So, we will rebuild our confidence in bidding 2022 World Cup host. It is everybody’s responsibility not only the PSSI’s. And we won’t let the confidence die just because of some terrorists’ action… 🙂

  7. Salam Cinta Damai dan Kasih Sayang ‘tuk sahabatku

  8. waduuh bhsnya keren nih 🙂

  9. iya tah?? jadi pengen baca… ntar deh, nyiapin gugel translet. 😀

  10. setuju….(apaan sih?hehe)

    jangan sampai aksi teroris kemarin,menciutkan mimpi kita menjadi tuan rumah PD 2022

  11. ayooo garuda di dadaku….(ngak nyambung yahh….)

  12. i dunno about losing hope, but i think before we decide to hope too much, we should get the bomber arrested (and punished, hehe).. otherwise, i dont think we can guarantee (even to ourself) that such a big event could run smoothly and secure.
    Lets fight together 🙂

  13. @KangBoed

    Salam cinta damai juga aja deh buat KangBoed…. :mrgreen:

    @Bisnis Online

    Bahasa keren itu kayak gimana seh?? :mrgreen:


    Google translet biasanya transletnya kacau banget kualitasnya, kalah jauh sama translet kualitas manusia… 😀


    Sedelapan aja deh saya sama komentar sampeyan… :mrgreen:


    Kalau garuda di celana nggak pernah disebut2 ya?? Kan ada juga tuh lambang burung garuda di celana para pemain bola…. :mrgreen:


    Yes keeping all kinds of terrorism at bay is the primary task. Without feeling secure in hand, it is impossible for us to even win the bidding process of hosting 2022 World Cup.. 😦

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