The Orangutan Island – The Island Of Hope

The Dane, Lone Dröscher Nielsen and the orangutans

The Dane, Lone Dröscher Nielsen and the orangutans

Most of you must have seen and heard of an orangutan, either through television or printed media or in the flesh. Orangutans are one out of the four great apes that still survives today and all of the  four species’ existence is really critical or even endangered. Their natural habitats are being destroyed to give way to industrial plantations. The real picture is worsened by the fact that burning season occurs every year without fail. Orangutans are the only great ape species that lives outside Africa. They are only found naturally in the tropical forests of Sumatra and Borneo. If we put all those four species in the race to extinction, the orangutans will hit the finish line first! That’s why conservations and rescue centres have to be set up to give shelter to the orangutans especially the youngs.

To rescue the orphaned orangutans especially the youngs who were illegally and brutally snatched from their mothers, a Danish expatriate, Lone Dröscher Nielsen, set up a rescue centre called ‘Nyaru Menteng Reintroduction Centre Project’ in 1999. The rescue centre is about 18 miles off  the city of Palangkaraya. The objective of the project is to return as many orangutans as possible into the wild. But of course the task has never been so simple since rehabilitation is required before releasing them back into the wild. Today, the number of orangutans housed in the rescue centre is about 600 and it tends to grow  since there are still so  many orangutans being displaced every year. It seems that the most effective way to save orangutans from extinction is to battle against habitat destruction that it means to battle against companies (whether they are legally unlicenced or licenced) who do away with the natural habitat of the red hairy apes.

But still there is hope. The rescue centre sponsored by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) had fixed a land as natural habitat to where the orangutans from the centre would be returned. This piece of land is dubbed as ‘The Orangutan Island’ and the ‘island’ will give the orangutans a new lease of life.  The works of  Dröscher Nielsen and the rescue centre were well documented in ‘The Orangutan Island” which you can watch every Friday night on Animal Planet. Through the programme you can appreciate the natural habitat of the precious species more because orangutans  are always worth saving since the extinction of the species will eventually be our unimaginably huge loss….

Post Script:

The four big ape species: gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and the bonobos.


17 responses to “The Orangutan Island – The Island Of Hope

  1. teringat uang pecahan Rp.500 rupiah….., kok ngak ada lagih yahh mata uang indonesia yang gambarnya binatang binatang……… 😀 😀

  2. the thing is, we tend to think that there are always other people who would mind the planet, voluntarily or involuntarily. in fact, quoting an advertising about the preservation: we are all in this together.

    only i still have no idea on how to help preserving orangutans. but it seems to me that you’ve had and did one: posting this. 😀

    well done, mas.

  3. Huehhehehe, yeah, namanya dimana mana orang utan, keren juga…. apalagi kalo bule nyang nyebut..haha

  4. Hmm..
    We must give love, care and respect more..
    To the animals..
    To the plants..
    And of course to the earth..
    In harmony, absolutely for the great future.. 😀

  5. Danish expatriate do it. me? do nothing 😦

  6. Salam Cinta Damai dan Kasih Sayang ‘tuk sahabatku yang terchayaaaank

  7. Tak pikir pikir mirip siapa yaaaaa.. 🙄
    perasaan pernah lihat gambarnya :mrgreen:


  8. Halloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. @ridhobustami

    Iya tuh…. aturan gambar orangutan dimasukkan ke pecahan Rp. 100.000,- sedangkan gambar presiden masukin aja ke pecahan Rp. 500,-. Huehehe…


    All good (and bad) things start from home. Of course we can partake in caring for this planet by doing small things at home like turning off the light whenever it is not in use or you can reduce the use of environment-unfriendly synthetic polymers and so on. if one person can do a little thing to save the planet at one time, I believe, together we can bring forward huge positive effects on the planet at all times…. 🙂


    Kalau orangutan bisa nyebut bule, keren nggak?? :mrgreen:

    @Budi Hermanto

    Yes… to respect the nature, we have to respect all the species living on this planet. The other species may not have the power to fight back human’s greed but believe me, mother nature does! When it fights us back, the nature will provide humans with nothing to sustain life!

    @adipati kademangan

    You can do many things to save the planet and they don’t have to directly bear on the orangutans. Try the easiest thing around your home to keep this planet green! 🙂


    Itu fotonya, makhluk yang berbulu merah, sepertinya mirip dengan KangBoed, soalnya nggak ada kumisnya sih! wakakakak… 😆

    Kenapa halooo…. halooo….. kangen ya?? :mrgreen:

  10. Waduh, bahasa Inggris lagi…

    Aneh ya!

    Orang utan sepertinya bakal punah selama negara ini lebih mengutamakan peningkatan devisa dari ekspor kayu.

    Semoga saja dana Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation masih cukup untuk melestarikan Orang Utan

  11. Why should it always be outsiders who really care about our Orang Utan in our very own backyard? Hmmm… hehehe, I should’ve asked my self this question too 😀

    Maybe we’re all just too greedy that we want to enrich our corporation or our nation by taking out Orang Utans, Elephants, tigers and many other jungle owners from their natural habitat.

    Again, most of us, probably including me, have done nothing…

    Inspiring post, Pak Yari…

  12. Salam buat orang utannya yaaaaaaaaa

  13. orangutan terancam punaahh… ayo kita lestarikan!! (b. inggrisnya apa yah? :D)

  14. Animal Planet? Which channel is it? I rarely watch tv.
    Is that on Cable TV line (such as indov*sion)?
    Btw Mrs Nielsen sure a good scientist. She came so far away from her home only for taking care Orang Utans. Salut..

  15. @skydrugz

    Ya… nanti setelah 5 postingan balik lagi ke Bahasa Indonesia walaupun nggak janji huehehe…

    Ya betul…. kita harus memikirkan nasib orangutan dan hutan2 kita juga, jangan cuma memikirkan industri melulu, karena lingkungan yang rusak bakalan sangat merugikan manusia, jauh melebihi kerugian ekonomis…


    I believe that’s because most of Indonesians still live with hardship, so our focus is still on economic issues, so environmental issues are still light years away from our focus. But when the hardship eases off, I believe, we can do a lot better to save our environments and the species living in. We can do not to do away with the green environment or we can love the wildlife for starters… 🙂


    Udah disampaikan salamnya, orangutannya malah nanya balik, kapan KangBoed mau main dan bergelantungan lagi sama2?? :mrgreen:


    Bahasa Inggrisnya?? “Orangutans are endangered, let’s save them from extinction!” 😀

    Apakah diaz juga perlu dilestarikan?? Huehehe… canda deh! :mrgreen:


    Yes, it is cablecast. And Indovision as far as I recall also offering the channel too.

    The Dane is not a scientist, she is an ex-stewardess but she loves orangutans and their environment very much. Perhaps we can dub her as an environmentalist.. 🙂

  16. denger2 orang utan bakal punah klo ga ada pusat rehabilitasi, di tv-tv pernah ada yg nayangin tentang sekolah orang utan, jadi miris ngeliatnya, kasian orang utan daerahnya sudah di jajah.

    • Ya itulah keserakahan sekaligus kebodohan manusia. Padahal menjaga habitat orangutan sangat perlu karena lingkungan yang rusak parah akan berakibat fatal bagi peradaban manusia, lebih serius dari hanya sekedar kerusakan ekonomi belaka…

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