FB, A Fad to Fade Out?

goldboxAll is not gold that glitters! That’s what an old proverb says. This might fit a personal case of mine at FB when the other day a text message appeared on my cell’s screen. The sender wanted to add my account to his (or could it be her) list as a friend at FB. But annoyingly (s)he required me to load my FB album with scads of my personal photos!! What a requirement! Though I realised that a friendship could be established online by any grounds (including those of photos) but to load my FB album with scads of my personal photos as the friendship requirement for me is too much to ask even if my album was already loaded with my photos!

Am I trying to say that FB is of no use at all?? For sure I’m not. Because I believe that every cloud has silver lining. And I also realise that the mature and more honest users of FB are growing in number day in day out. However, it is a solid fact that so many users of FB still use the network to establish improper relationships through dishonest revealment or intention like the real experience I told above.

Does FB give rise to adverse effects to some?? Well, it is kinda hard to reply. Only if you are too much addicted to the network, it may cause some adverseness to you and for people around you! But fortunately that kinda addiction problem will not happen to me. I don’t know why it is hard for me to get addicted to a network like that of FB. Perhaps I had long bought into a perception that a network like FB still teems with fakers and pharisees. Whatever it took shape, the network has never been so lustrous to me though it is said that the popularity of the network is skyrocketing. I still find that blogging is still more lustrous than FB. The benefits gained from blogging still attract me more than those gained from FB. And I still stick to a blind judgement that only the pushovers and the also-rans who opt for FB over blogging… :mrgreen: Besides we don’t know how long FB will linger. It could be that FB is just a fad like Friendster which peaked before FB rises to fame. But look now the culminating FB  managed to push down FS to a near vanishing point! At least that’s what is happening in Indonesia.  Will history repeat itself?? Will FB just be another FS to fade out in a year or two?? We’ll wait and see…

However, once again, the rise and fall of this FB will not affect me, since if I have time to kill online I will not waste my time on farting about with FB! Of course I do have a FB account, but to me, the only some fun I see is when I succeed in finding my long lost friends. Beyond that matter I wonder why is it hard for me to see any??

24 responses to “FB, A Fad to Fade Out?

  1. every cloud has silver lining. it is true for blogging as well as FBing. though i don’t have any FB account, i know some people gain so much as utilizing it for advertising for their businesses and such. and i keep opting not having FB because i still don’t see why i should. 😀

  2. sekarang memang banyk anak2 ingusan hingga pekerja kantoran terutama banyk mengkases fb. memang menurut saya pasti fb jg ada manfaat terserah masing2 pengguna. namun memang blog lbh unggul krn lbh mengasah otak, semua org bisa nge-fb ttp tdk semua org bisa ngeblog dng baik dan bermutu.

  3. Saya bikin akun fb karena dipaksa teman (saya minta foto kami bersama yang saya nggak punya, dan dia bilang ‘ambil sendiri di fb-ku’ … :mrgreen: ). And you know what? Saya cuma menikmati fb selama kira-kira 3 hari, meng-add beberapa orang yang memang sudah saya kenal sebelumnya (yang belum pernah kenal, malas ah …), dan sudah keburu bosan. Komunikasi di fb sangat ‘permukaan’, tulisan-tulisan yang muncul di ‘wall’ juga sering ‘nggak penting banget’. Saya pikir, di fb saya kok cuma wasting time.

    Ya, saya merasa lebih ‘bahagia’ di blog. Bisa mengekspresikan tulisan secara utuh. Orang yang memberi komentar pun tidak asal-asalan.

    Tetapi, sudah pasti setiap orang berhak memilih apa yang cocok untuk dirinya. Jadi, bagi yang berbahagia di fb, enjoy your time …

  4. Salam Cinta Damai dan Kasih Sayang ‘tuk Sahabatku yang baik

    Hadoooooh teu ngarti inggris eeeeeuy

  5. Yaaa, we will wait and see whether FB is another FS or not… but, I think FB is better than FS. 🙂 In FB we can do blogging (better than in FS)… 🙂 Have you found my FB account? 🙂

  6. @marshmallow

    Yeah… I believe so many benefit from FB. But I bet they are still incredibly outnumbered by those who just mess around with FB. We can do advertising or all kinds of promotion in the blog too even in the blog our adverts and our promotion are more accessible to the readers who don’t have to sign up for anything.. 🙂

    @Ag bint

    Ya… memang…. kembali pada orangnya masing2 dan kualitasnya masing2… 🙂


    Huehehe…. buat saya sih bukannya bosan, tetapi entah kenapa saya hanya tertarik menggunakan FB untuk mencari teman2 lama saya. Saya tidak tertarik untuk meng-add orang2 yang belum saya kenal bahkan rekan bloggerpun tidak ada satupun yang saya add… :mrgreen: Bukannya apa2an, tetapi komunikasi melalui blog saja sudah cukup menurut saya atau bisa melalui SMS. O ya, satu2nya aplikasi FB yang saya suka cuma “Word Games”-nya saja, saya biasa main yang bahasa Inggris (sowpods) sama yang bahasa Perancis, sayang yang bahasa Indonesia belon ada… 😦


    Ya udah… salam damai dan salam manis seperti gula juga aja deh buat KangBoed… :mrgreen:


    I think FS also offers blogging feature too, don’t you know that? But even though FB offers blogging feature too no one will see the feature as the prominent service of the network and the articles contained in the blogs will not be easily accessible to non-members. 🙂

    Yes… I saw your account, but I still see no points of adding my fellow bloggers’ accounts to my list.. I’m terribly sorry… huehehe… :mrgreen:

  7. I have account both FB and FS. but later I have no idea because too many friends. I can’t arrange what should I wrote on, just washing time nothing special. So I stop it at all.

  8. bahasainggris lagi….

    only one word for FB.


  9. kalau saya tadinya fb cuman buat nyari info dr kampus saya yg dulu, klo skarang malah ketemu dgn kawan2 SMA yg sudah melalang buana, malah mau ngadain reuni juga nich

  10. wew.. Pengen dapet recehan di FB..

    check this out..


    Salam Kenal Juragan..
    Salam Anak Bangsa..
    Salam Perubahan..

  11. well then, actually i’m not a big fan of FB. But I believe, to people who can manage it (which is not me, unfortunately, not yet :D), FB can offer so many advantages.
    On the other hand, FB should always improve its features, otherwise it could face the same history as FS.

  12. @adipati kademangan

    Yes… that’s why I don’t recklessly add people to my list, let alone the strangers one, this is to avoid unnecessary crowded messages on the wall which I dislike… 🙂


    Loh… di jawaban postingan sebelumnya kan kalau Bahasa Inggrisnya 5 postingan, berarti ini yang terakhir untuk kali ini… 😀

    Exhausted?? Not sure. Exhausting?? Perhaps! 🙂


    Ya betul…. kalau buat reunian, so pasti lucu sekali dan ngangenin, tetapi tidak untuk orang2 yang ‘aneh2’…. 🙂


    Dapat recehan atau uang?? Mungkin saja. Tetapi yang jelas pepatah umum tetap berlaku bahwa tidak ada cari uang yang mudah, bahkan di Internetpun, semua harus dengan usaha yang seimbang. Bukan berarti tidak mungkin tetapi tetap pepatah umum itu berlaku universal baik di dunia nyata maupun di dunia maya… 🙂


    I’m not a fan of FB either. But I found out that FB was pretty helpful when I wanted to search for my long lost friends.

    Yes FB has to continuously improve all facets in the service if it is to successfully stand the test of time. Though continuing improvement is necessary, improvement made must be at a greater speed than that made by the potential competitors or else they will outshine FB…

  13. iya deh, exhausting.

    Tapi kadang menyenangkan juga sih, kalau ketemu teman lama di FB.

  14. wahh dikantor sayah facebook di blok euyyy.. 😀

  15. I also could not understand. Why so many people seems too much addicted with FB, or maybe it’s just a different lifestyle of me?

  16. On my personal opinion FB is a narcism place. I was thinking that FB could help me to develop career but it’s wrong. We have to help ourself and finally I rather to read the books than spend time to open FB.

  17. @skydrugz

    Kalau menurut saya memang itu saja yang menyenangkan dari FB…


    Di kantor saya tidak dilarang, tetapi kalau ketahuan ada yang ngakses FB di waktu jam kerja, apalagi hanya untuk membalas komen2 dan cuma ngeceng saja dibilangin: “Wah… kualitas/mental ABG” huehehe…


    Everyone has its own preference. The quality between two persons might be the only one significant which decides on the preference… 😀


    Some very young users of FB who had not come of age and who are still wet behind the ears often take FB for a magic place who can fulfill their wishes like a magic wand can! That of course includes the wish that FB can boost their prospective careers and particularly the wish for passionate relationships but eventually they got nothing from it! This of course, not only happens to young users but also it does to more mature users… 🙂

  18. Couldn’t agree with you more, Sir… I find FB (or Friendster, perviously) only useful and fun when I could find my long lost friends, my childhood friends, my old classmates, my kindergarten time neighbour, etc…

    The rest of it, it’s really wasting my time. I even forgot my account’s password 😀

    Do you see the silverlining of blogging, already, Sir? 🙂

  19. I create FB account because and only for my blogger friends, just for fun and curiousity (at least so I’ll not gaptek with it). I’m not kinda nostalgic people with schooltime friends or relatives faraway, it sucks. So far so good with only 3 personal photos inside. Ev’body were happy enough cuz there were never any pic of mine in my blog! 😆
    Anyway, FBing is only secondary option for my OL life after blogging (and Y!M chat with fellow bloggers). 😉

    • Don’t tell me, you don’t miss your old friends because you were once ostracised by them for being pesky and ugly! Huahaha… I’m terribly sorry, I’m just kidding… :mrgreen:

      However, I don’t need to join in FB to get computer-literate. If I want to master all features in FB I’m sure I can master it in no time. And I believe even though you don’t sign up for FB, you will still computer-literate! 😀

      Huahahaha… three photos of your personal figure on FB? I’m not interested fortunately! 😆 Well… the serious part is when I read an article on a blog, I don’t care about how the writer looks, I’m happy enough to enjoy what he or she writes, and that’s it! 😉

  20. Saya hanya sesekali mengakses FB, karena kalau tak punya agak sulit juga karena teman2 sering mengundang acara melalui FB. Konyolnya, saya baru buka FB jika saat membuka email, ada beberapa pesan yang masuk ke inbox FB saya…hehehe…

    • Jangan salah bu…. sayapun juga masih membuka FB, tetapi fungsinya hanya untuk berhubungan dengan teman2 lama saya. Itu saja. Saya tidak tertarik untuk mengikuti perbincangan2 politik dsb mnelalui FB…

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