Daily Archives: Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Alternate Languages?

In addition to this blog, I actually have two other blogs which are accessible to the public. But it is sad to find that I cannot keep both of them up and running. The English blog in Blogspot is even more forsaken, that’s because I now fail to recall the correct account, so each time I key in my e-mail address to access the blog, it turns me down! Silly, isn’t it??

Actually writing articles in English is very fun to me. Chances are my blog will be read by more people throughout the globe. Unfortunately I can’t keep two blogs simultaneously at least for now, so that’s why I have to abandon one of them. After long consideration I arrived at a decision that I have to keep only this blog up, leaving the other two turned down. But of course, the passion for English blogging has never died out inside me, so that’s why I came across the idea, if you can’t maintain two blogs simultaneously why don’t you try to combine them into one? Why don’t you try to write in alternate languages of English and Bahasa Indonesia. Of course it is still an idea and it is not fixed yet. Do you think it is a good idea or is it as worthless as failing to maintain dual blogs??