Alternate Languages?

In addition to this blog, I actually have two other blogs which are accessible to the public. But it is sad to find that I cannot keep both of them up and running. The English blog in Blogspot is even more forsaken, that’s because I now fail to recall the correct account, so each time I key in my e-mail address to access the blog, it turns me down! Silly, isn’t it??

Actually writing articles in English is very fun to me. Chances are my blog will be read by more people throughout the globe. Unfortunately I can’t keep two blogs simultaneously at least for now, so that’s why I have to abandon one of them. After long consideration I arrived at a decision that I have to keep only this blog up, leaving the other two turned down. But of course, the passion for English blogging has never died out inside me, so that’s why I came across the idea, if you can’t maintain two blogs simultaneously why don’t you try to combine them into one? Why don’t you try to write in alternate languages of English and Bahasa Indonesia. Of course it is still an idea and it is not fixed yet. Do you think it is a good idea or is it as worthless as failing to maintain dual blogs??

18 responses to “Alternate Languages?

  1. English language posting for native and who eager to read. Indonesian Language posting for local reader. I think if you combine both language, there will be 2 kind of readers,
    1. Readers who want to learn more another language and skill up their language trough reading another language
    2. Readers who definitely difficult to read and understand your posting (both local and native readers).
    Unfortunately, I’m the part of 2nd readers 😦

  2. like u said it better to have indonesian blog than english because indonesian blog still rare and english blog alredy so many. better u write indonesian blog more often. biarin inggrisnya ngaco yg penting pede dulu hehe..

  3. i am one of your readers, mas, both in indonesian dan english, and i’ve been enjoying both. then i think it is easier to let go your passion in any language through this blog only. for those who find it difficult to understand certain posts, any language at all, they might skip them and choose ones that they do.

    better still though, if time allows, you can translate those in english into indonesian, vice versa. so you don’t have to post both languages alternately, but simultaneously. bilingual post. how cool is that? πŸ˜€

  4. eeemmm…blog with two language..this look like good to try but maybe some of the guest of blog don’t understand.

  5. have 2 blogs is too difficult… apalagi 2 bahasa…

  6. Like-like(suka2) Mas Yari deh! πŸ˜€

    Yang penting, Mas Yari tetap menyuguhkan informasi yang bisa dibagi.
    Keep on writing till the end. (benar nggak sih tulisannya ini)

  7. we already have google translate right? I know it is not perfect but the main feature they know what is in our head.

  8. @adipati kademangan

    Actually I don’t want to segregate the readers. It is solely based on my passion only for writing in two languages. I believe lots of the Indonesian readers too can understand the essence of the English articles though they don’t need to understand it word after word… πŸ˜€


    Huehehe… I’m surprised to find that you dare to lay your pride on the line! :mrgreen: But it deserves praise. It doesn’t matter whether your comment brims with grammatical errors or not, nobody is perfect. Your efforts of leaving an English comment are more praiseworthy than those who bottle out of doing so! Cheers! πŸ™‚


    Yes I think it likewise. I decided myself to go with my passion. It may not have to be based on one-to-one ratio between the English and the Indonesian article. There might be a period of time when I write mostly in English but there might be a period that goes otherwise. I realise mood changes all the time and it’s very natural I think… Thanks for the support! πŸ™‚


    They can glance through or skip the articles they don’t understand nor like… πŸ˜€


    Who knows when you haven’t made any attempts?? πŸ™‚


    Ok.. doakan saja mudah2an mood saya tetap terjaga ya?? πŸ˜€


    I know that Google Translation has been so helpful though the quality of the translation is still far inferior to human translation..

  9. Since I never visit your other blogs, surely no problem with me to delete ’em. & absolutely no problem with english language too. It will be quite helpful to filter troll and junk comments in this blog. πŸ˜‰

    But… this is junk comment either I guess.. πŸ™„

    *escape to Timbuktu*

  10. kalo kata sayah si mas enakan “gado gado” ajah….., lebih resep gituh…., asal jangan kaya cin** lau** ato manoh*** πŸ˜€ goda gado ngomongnya πŸ˜€

  11. Hmm great idea…For maintenance jut 2 blog are easy…if have a chance… Keep spirit!

  12. aku lagi dibandung nih TOPAS GALLERY Doktor Djundjunan 52 pasteur Room 111. Jadi kalau mau dateng kopdar, datang ya… kalau bisa sebelum 13 Agustus 09 Jam 13. Jam itu jam saya check out. saya ketinggalan HP. jadi ndak bisa menghubungi mas Yari untuk kopdar mas…

  13. @jensen99

    I’ve never intended to delete those two blogs since those two would become my digital tracks on the Net. Surely those two blogs contain some articles that can be enjoyed and capitalised on by some.

    Well… usually I treat all comments equally even if it borders on junks. I always try not to erase them unless it is told to do so by the authority through a written warrant.. πŸ˜€


    Huahahaha…. mudah2an jangan ikut2an cinca laurah yah?? Kalau mau bahasa Indonesia pakailah bahasa indonesia yang agak baik dan agak benar, dan kalau memakai bahasa Inggris usahakanlah menggunakan bahasa Inggris yang baik… πŸ˜€

    @ammadis blog

    That’s the problem since I fail to maintain two blogs simultaneously due to lack of time… 😦

    @juragan fesbuk

    Wah… maaf ya pakde…. saya hari ini nggak bisa, tadinya mau ke ITB guna blogshop tapi juga ternyata nggak bisa, mungkin saya bisa datang ke ITB sebenar, kalau mau kita ketemu di sana sebentar. Gimana?? Jangan ngambeg ya De…, sekali lagi mohon maaf ya De… πŸ˜€

  14. Hahahaha. I guess we are alike, Sir.
    I have two blogs, where the english version is on blogspot (wordpress and blogspot, seems like we have the same choice :D). There are some considerations why I write it on English. Actually the main reason is just for fun (and of course, for helping me improve my english). But sometimes I also make a documentation of my troubleshooting activity. That’s why I write it in english, to help people not only in Indonesia, but also around the world. To be honest, there’s only a few of visitors (but it doesn’t really matter, cause sometimes this is a place to hide for me). So why don’t u come to my second home? ;D Just guess the url! Its easy.

  15. yah, write in 2 languages is not difficult now. because, now people have ‘Google Translate’. hahahaha

    but, not always ‘Google Translate’ is give a right words πŸ˜‰

  16. @narpen

    Actually it doesn’t matter whether your blog is only visited by a few visitors, the number of visitors visiting your blog does not represent the quality of your blog. Keep it up! Ok, I will visit your second blog once in a while if I have slack time… πŸ™‚


    I know… but Google Translation is crammed with errors, especially the grammatical errors. And certainly it will fail to translate idioms and phrasal verbs… πŸ™‚

  17. menurut saya Pak Yari, tergantung mood ajah… Kalo lagi mood nulis pake bahasa indonesia, sok dilanjut.. Gitu juga kalau mau nulis pake bahasa inggris… Emang sulit Pak, mengelola 2 blog.. *curcol*

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