Ramadan Mubarak! (1430)


Time flies! Months roll by! As the holy month of Ramadan was drawing near, we purged ourselves from sins and misdeeds. So when we are to enter Ramadan, our hearts have been purified to fast in Ramadan as we are told. Like it happened last year, to partake in glorifying Ramadan, this blog will temporary change its face. When beyond Ramadan, so-called scientific and worldly articles predominate the face of this blog, in Ramadan, you will see religious articles high and low. However for those who are devout, might find it disappointed since the articles will not meet their expectations. But it is okay for me, I think all I have to do is just to try my best to be good at writing religious stuffs.

But there is a difference  between this year and last year on the time interval between two back-to-back articles. Last year, I managed to author an article every three days, but I am afraid in this year I have to slacken the pace to about five days. That’s because I am less ready this year due to my heightening offline activities lately. However, if I have more slack time I will try to deliver it to your screen in a more rapid pace… 🙂

So last but not least, in this holy Ramadan,  I wish that all of our worships and benevolences will be rewarded by Allah swt. Amin. 🙂

14 responses to “Ramadan Mubarak! (1430)

  1. Have a solemn, dignified Ramadan for you, bang. 😉

  2. happy ramadhan 4 all muslims in the world..

  3. likewise, i wish you a happy ramadhan too, mas yari.
    religious stuff is good too, not less important than the others.
    better still, you can compose scientific articles for religious purposes, i reckon. or combine both.
    well, i’m looking forward to reading them. 😀

  4. Keep posting good articles mas Yari.
    BTW, sometimes I found the Mubarok boxes during traveling by train. Do you like the Mubarok dodol too mas Yari? It is very delicious and sticky.
    *halah, boso linggise malah ngawur kabeh*

  5. Amin.. Happy ramadhan and happy fasting, Mr. Yari 🙂

  6. selamat berpuasa…
    happy fasting…
    😀 (benar tidak ya, bahasa inggrisnya?)

  7. selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa…moga puasa kita bisa membawa barokah

  8. Happy Ramadan and fasting day,may bless for all of us and the dream come true

  9. btw, what’s mubarak in Indonesia??

  10. Met puasa juga yak pak, hehehehe

  11. puasaa… laper, kalo nggak laper… ngapai puasa hahah

  12. @all fellow bloggers et al

    Thanks for your comments. I’m sorry I can’t reply them all in person. But your comments are highly appreciated! Many thanks! 🙂


    Mubarak = suci (kalo nggak salah!) :mrgreen:

  13. ….Holy Ramadan is the month of fasting, intensive prayer, sacrifice and Divine worship ….throughout this month a devout Muslim fasts during the day in the true sense of the word, that is, he had merely denies himself food and water, but as explained by Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), exercises strict control over his tongue, eyes, ears, thoughts and deeds and does everything possible to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT)….however the big questions arise are how to make all mentioned above can influence the personal behaviour…and to build spirit of socio-economic solidarity among moslems…and how after ramadhan all can be implemented and maintained consistently and sustainable in any moment….happy ramadhan…

    • sure thing prof. The biggest challenge for the Muslims is how to implement all Ramadan behaviour into the rest of the year beyond Ramadan. The spirit of Ramadan must linger forever. And it must cover all the facets in our life including social, economic and whatnot.

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