Tubes From The 80s…

Frankly I still have no energy left to write a new article on this blog, but I know that I have to produce something on this blog or else it will become harder and harder for me to return to the blogosphere though I am aware that in due course there is a time for me to automatically return to the sphere even on the lowest energy level. In this article I would only like to write provide something worthless and it is probably ehm… so unlike me! But it is temporary, at the appropriate time I will return with more serious articles.

So, today I would like to turn back the clock to the 1980s and you will see what tunes I loved to hear when I was 20s. Perhaps for those who were born before 1970s share the same tunes with me though I believe there are some who will turn a deaf ear to the sounds of the tubes I am about to bring on:

To fully enjoy the tubes, make sure you are on the best quality broadband… :mrgreen:

1. Remember The Manhattan Transfer?? The U.S. vocal music group has always been   amazing me since I was introduced to their tunes. “Gloria” is an a capella and the Alan Paul’s falsetto vocal is awesome!

2. Say you love me. That’s the expression you want to hear from someone you love.  But if you can’t get it from him or her at least you can enjoy a piece of Patti Austin’s great lilting vocal. It’s a pity that I failed to find the original clip online… 😦

3. This is another great falsetto. The Scot Jimmy Somerville teamed up with The Englishman Richard Coles to form ‘The Communards” in 1986. Despite an openly gay, The Glaswegian’s falsetto vocal has always been astounding me!

4. Are you falling in love? You always want to stay close to her or him? There is nothing else that can take the blues away but being near the one you love? This piece of Madness depicts the feeling of such love in the maddest scene! Here is “It Must Be Love”:


8 responses to “Tubes From The 80s…

  1. The name of those 80’s bands still weirds on my ears.

    Welcome abroad,
    mohon maaf lahir batin.

  2. Saya hanya mengingat lagu2nya.
    Hmm iya, agak males nulis dan mesti dipaksa untuk nulis.

    Selamat Idul Fitri
    Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

  3. Komentarku kok ilang?….:P

  4. Hi my bro
    Eid Mubarak
    May the guidence
    and blessings of Allah
    be with you
    and your family….

  5. Finally you are back to blogosphere, congrat. Tunes from 80s are better to me to remember my sweet memories. Actually I was born at 80s so I heard its later

  6. Manhattan Transfer …???
    Aaarrrggghhhh …
    “Java Jive” aaarrgghhh
    “Bird Land” aaarrrgghhh
    “The Boy From New York City” … aarrgghh
    “Toning” … aaarrgghhh

    (lha ? kenapa saya jadi histeris begeneeehhh …)
    Maap Lahir Bathin ya pak …

    Salam saya
    Sesama anak 80’an

  7. menulis memang musti dipaksakan deh kayaknya. saya pun belakangan terbawa kesibukan menjelang lebaran, ditambah mudik, wah! beneran, nulis jadi maksa banget. kurang dinikmati. tapi kalau nggak gitu, lama-kelamaan malah jadi lempeng aja nggak nulis-nulis sama sekali.

    eid mubarak, mas yari. mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

  8. @skydrugz

    Yes I realise that not everybody would like to hear the sounds of music from the 1980s, if you don’t like it you can simply leave it… 🙂

    Happy eid to you too mate! 🙂


    Kalau lagi tidak semangat menulis ya jangan menulis sebaiknya tetapi jangan terus menerus malas menulis nanti bisa ‘degradasi’. Huehehe….

    Selamat idul fitri juga bu… 🙂


    Happy eid to you too my bro. May all the blessings be with you and yours. Amin. 🙂

    @mandor tempe

    Aha! You mean you heard the 1980s music in 1990s when you had a little grown up?? That’s fine… it’s never been too late to listen to any kinds of music from anytime around.


    I hope you are hysterical because you enjoy the Manhattan Transfer’s clip not because you need a medication to ease up your schizophrenic problems… huehehe… just kidding.. :mrgreen:


    Iya nampaknya kita memang harus “berdiri di tengah2”, kalau malas ya jangan dipaksakan menulis tetapi jangan juga terlalu memanjakan kemalasan karena akan membuat kita menjadi tidak produktif.. 🙂

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