77151_bibit_samad_riyanto_chandra_m_hamzahYou know that I am not a junkie of soaps or telenovelas latinoamericanas or any sorts of slapstick comedy but yesterday afternoon I just found out that a talkshow on TV One concerning chats between two TV-One news presenters and Anggodo Widjojo (and his lawyer) had improbably absorbed me. Yes, for about two hours running I was made into a couch potato by the programme!

The programme on the case which has become a face-off between the police and the anti-corruption commission (KPK) might also have stupefied millions of viewers nationwide. But I don’t want to go into the lowdown on the showdown because I am not an expert at this case. I am basically neutral but my stance is clear, I am against any actions that oppose the eradication of corruption. I simply think that a law enforcement agency whatever it is must manage to root corruption out of this country once and for all! Because evidently corruption is eating away at our resources.

And for those who are reading this article I warn you that you should not have  too much of any good things whether it is a chat show programme nor a soap. Oops, correction, I don’t see any goods in a soap regardless of its measure… 😛

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