Please Don’t Refer Me To A BlackBerry!


Recognise this picture? Of course these are blackberries. Who don’t? This fruit is one of my favourites. Their sourish taste gives a pleasure to my tongue. And it is not too hard to find ones here in my hometown Bandung. I only have to walk about 400 yards away to meet the first blackberry street vendor. The berries are sold on a modified motorbike with a mini-trailer. Though they are sold in purée and in the process sugar and lemon squeeze are added yet the berries would still taste pleasantly strong in your mouth. But don’t get surprised if your fæces turn pitch black the next day, they are obviously the remains of the berries eaten the day before. 😀

But today I am not about to talk on blackberry the fruit. I am gonna talk about the other species of blackberry. Yes this berry is now a popular mobile communication device here in Indonesia. This article kindled when I needed to replace one of my GSM mobile phones since the battery has worn out. Though I realise that the solution to this problem is to buy a new battery of the similar kind, but this critical moment or at least  so it is called has been  manipulated into a good opportunity to buy a new mobile communication gadget. My choice falls between Windows-mobile-operated smart phones and iPhone. Probably I will single out a Windows-mobile-operated one. My colleagues proposed me to buy a BlackBerry. But I am not happy with such proposal. How come? That’s because I dislike BlackBerry. The feeling of dislike towards this Berry is largely based on subjective grounds rather than objective ones. 😛 Firstly, I dislike market leaders. I don’t know what is the position of BlackBerry in world market but obviously it begins to pan out in the competition and I get a hunch that in a year or two it will overtake Nokia in Indonesian market, in all likelihood. Secondly, this is even sillier 😛 , this communication gadget has become more and more common among the rank and file so you can no longer sport it proudly in public! Based on these shaky grounds I opt not to buy a BlackBerry! :mrgreen:

I believe somewhere in the market there is a more powerful mobile communication gadget than BlackBerry since I am mighty sure that BlackBerry is not the crème de la crème of mobile communication gadgets! It does not have to be more expensive but at least it has to be a neck-and-neck competitor to a BlackBerry. So, anyone, do you have any suggestion what a new mobile communication gadget I should buy? But please never suggest me to buy a BlackBerry because I am not gonna have it for all the tea in China unless public has turn its back on the Heath Robinson gadget. 😛


This article is not a vilification of a product brand, it is merely a matter of  jocular personal opinion! Discretion is advised! 😛


12 responses to “Please Don’t Refer Me To A BlackBerry!


    Ok… the next article will be released in 15 – 20 days. Meanwhile I have ‘a project’ to finish. I think with the last three articles they will hold you long enough on my blog whereas I finish my ‘project’. I will not completely disappear from your screen, as usual I am not a hypocrite telling you that I have been so occupied that I have no time at all to meet you online, but the intensity and the frequency of interaction will significantly but temporarily drop off… Sorry for the inconvenience caused! **halaah**

  2. Personal announcementnya jadi pindah kesini, Pak? 😀

    Saya belum pernah mencicipi BB fruit ataupun gadget. Saya malah sedang menunggu loncing iPhone-berry, yang sedianya bisa mengakomodasi semua kebutuhan saya :mrgreen:

  3. Ehm… BB

    lama tak bersua nih
    maklum daku baru jd blogger lg 🙂

  4. Aku cuma pake N1202. Hmmm .. Cuma fasilitas OLnya aja yang gak ada.
    Ada BB murah gak Pak? Tukar tambah ma punyaku.

  5. ahahaha.. iya yang bikin malesnya itu makin umum aja om.. dah gitu rata2 (menurut saya) tidak difungsikan dengan optimal, cuman buat gaya2 ajah.. yang ini sih yang bikin saya lebih males.

    klo om mo pake mah kaga apa2 kali.. asal emang sesuai dengan kebutuhan, dan optimal buat om.. biasanya sih saingannya iphone ya om? klo saya nokia saja (pasti si om bilang, sejuta umat :p) asal sudah bisa internetan, install aplikasi, jepret2 foto dengan kualitas bagus, bisa mp3, dan.. dan.. lho kok list-nya jadi banyak.

    *punten nyak om, lagi males ngenglish, ehehe..*

  6. Saya juga masih belum kepikiran untuk memiliki blackberry, Pak. Pake HP yang lama aja nggak apa-apa yang penting bisa digunakan untuk komunikasi.

  7. banyak mereka yg pakai BB diakrenakan tidak mau ketinggalan jaman tapi juga ada yg memang kebutuhan.

  8. sekarang jamannya touch screen…kok malah tuku blckberry..hee

  9. For the sake of being different, I recommend you to buy I-Phone, Pak…hehehe… I keep your words in my mind that BB will beat Nokia as a market leader in Indonesia. Let’s see… 😀

  10. @Ratna

    Kalau saya nanti nunggu hape yang merknya strawberry-avocado aja deh…. **emangnya jus kaleeeee** :mrgreen:


    Selamat kembali di dunia blog… 😀


    Nggak masalah pakai hape apapun juga. Daripada punya blackberry tapi kebanyakan cuma buat pake Fesbukan aja!! Huehuehue…. :mrgreen:


    Iya, sekarang banyak eksekutif kelas kampung udah pakai blackberry. Eksekutif kelas internasional **halaah** malah banyak yang males pakai blackberry… :mrgreen: Mungkin agar mereka dibilang “eksekutif kelas top” mangkannya pada beli blackberry… huehuehue…

    @Edi Psw

    Ya nggak apa2 pak. Punya nggak punya blackberry yang penting jangan terlalu banyak Fesbukan. Nggak elit banget kebanyakan Fesbukan… huehuehue….


    Di Indonesia kebanyakan cuma buat gaya aja…. 😀


    Aku juga ogah kok beli BlackBerry… huehuehue… :mrgreen:


    I have made up my mind. I’d probably buy a Windows-mobile-based smart phone. I believe it is worth purchasing.


    Do you prefer an avocado smoothie?? :mrgreen:

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