National Exam, Should It Be Removed From Our Schools?

Lately there is a raised anxiety and enthusiasm over the national exam in the Indonesian media. This roots from the verdict returned by the (Indonesian) Supreme Court that the govt cannot impose national exam anymore on Indonesian schools. However, it is still not clear to me whether the national exam will be completely removed or not from our schools in the foreseeable future. People, mainly who failed in the exam and their parents pound away at the national exam and they fully support the removal of the national exam. Experts at education are also still in hot wrangles upon this issue, some oppose the national exam though some others approve it. On this article I would like to babble on this issue based on my own amateurish points of view. I do not want to go into the legal raisons d’être of it since it is not my strong suit.

Do I think that we need to keep the national exam within our schools? I would personally say yes. But of course with some adjustments here and there. National exam is needed because it acts as a meterstick (being a natural metric measurer I steer clear of the word yardstick 😛 ) of our education with which students and teachers alike measure their performance. This meterstick of course is necessary to prevent a wider gap between the bests and the worsts countrywide. But considering the unequal development in educational infrastructures across the huge archipelago that meterstick should be temporarily bent a little to adjust to the local metersticks. In addition to that, the national exam must not become the sole element on which a student’s pass will be decided. Other elements such as the processes of the learning themselves are way more urgent to be taken into account.

Of course, there are so many things to do to improve our education. National exam alone is not a passport to an instant improvement. But I believe national exam could help directing our education at every nook and cranny of this country to stride in the same pace. And I firmly believe those who turn down the national exam out of hand are indeed bowing so low to their own past failure!


14 responses to “National Exam, Should It Be Removed From Our Schools?

  1. Mungkin gak perlu dihilangkan, hanya saja perlu diubah beberapa aturan, bukan tentang standar, tapi tentang implikasi nilai standar.
    Hmmm …

  2. I prefer no exam at all! In fact the exam is not related to the career of a individual in the future.

  3. I think national exam should not be removed. All students who have been studied at the level of education unit passed by the level of education unit itself. But students can continue to a higher level, if students can achieve the specification score of national exam.

  4. @masrobertk

    I don’t think it is either… 🙂


    Contohnya?? 😀


    Hmmm… it is a little bit naïf to relate the school exam to someone’s career in the future because the national exam IS NOT intended to boost someone’s career down the line. It is intended to measure how well the transfer of knowledge between the teacher and the students. If you force to relate the exam into someone’s career in the future, it is analogous to if you relate a physical body exercise to someone’s future health, for instance. It doesn’t matter whether you do the exercise or not you can still be sick in the future! Of course someone’s health is not solely dependent upon how much exercise you did in the past, it is dependent upon numerous factors! So now you know why you had constructed, sorry to say, a lame argument above! 🙂


    Yeah…. the exam is the yardstick for a student whether he/she is already eligible to continue his/her study to the higher level in the national scale or not. We all want our graduates to have equal quality no matter from where he/she is. And for those who flunked in the national exam, I am sure whether it is with or without the national exam, if he/she flunks he/she will keep looking for a scapegoat! :mrgreen:


    Remove what?? Remove all the flunkers from the school?? In that case we’ll do it in concert.. 😆

  5. Menurut saya, kalau ujian nasional digunakan sebagai tolok ukur penguasaan materi siswa, saya setuju. Tapi kalau ujian nasional sebagai syarat mutlak kelulusan siswa, saya kurang setuju.

    Karena banyak kejadian, siswa tidak lulus ujian nasional padahal dia adalah siswa yang berprestasi di sekolahnya.

  6. wah.. jadi pembicaraan panas pekan ini.. semoga ada solusi terbaik untuk pendidikan kita pak..

  7. Maybe it is better to localize the exam according to each province standard. BTW, that exam is too theorytical. Thing that I, personally, dislike.

    Nice post! 🙂

  8. hidup penuh dengan ujian… 😀

  9. @Edi Psw

    Betul pak… saya setuju kalau UN tidak menjadi acuan tunggal siswa lulus atau tidak….. tetapi harus memperhitungkan faktor2 lain. Tetapi kalau UN dihapuskan saya rasanya kurang setuju.


    Mudah2an begitu, ada solusi yang terbaik bagi masalah ini…


    If you want to include non-theoretical aspects into the national exam that is even better. But the exam itself would be very costly and it would become a financial burden for the have-nots. Apart from it, there would be so impractical for the examiners to grade the results of the exam and it would take long to complete it. And don’t forget, I believe there would be more hue and cry from those who failed in the exam since there would be a lot more who flunked.


    Betul sekali. Hidup penuh dengan ujian. Seharusnya kita jangan cengeng hanya karena UN… 🙂

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