I Love The Blue Of Indonesia…..

I love the blue of Indonesia…..
It’s the flavour in the air……
I love the blue of Indonesia….
You can taste it everywhere…..
I love the blue of Indonesia…..
It’s my kind of blue….

(Please correct me if the text above is erroneous)

Look what I found at YouTube! It’s the best Indonesian commercial ever made to my opinion! I had been desperate in search of this beautiful commercial far and wide across the Net until two months ago when I stumbled across this impressive commercial. The best of all, it comes in stereo and it is available in 16:9 format.  The vocalist who did the vocal absolutely did a splendid job. The bluish beautiful scenery reminds us all of the sheer beauty of our motherland! The only downside of this commercial is that it comes out of a pack of cigarettes (despite the fact that the most first-rate commercials in Indonesia come from coffin nail products :mrgreen: ).

However, if you find the expression “Blue of Indonesia”, not to be confused with the blue colour of the politicos that now get the biggest share of pie in the Indonesian parliament. It is not even close! 😛

Lotta thanks to chaendura at YouTube for turning back the clock to the old days of the 1990s….


5 responses to “I Love The Blue Of Indonesia…..

  1. setuju pak yari… one of the best.. outstanding… awesome

  2. blue and d******t party is not really identique

  3. subhanallah . .
    Indonesia, what a beautiful country you are . .!
    i love indonesia

  4. I wonder whether the song could be “I love the red of Indonesia” if it used for Gudang Garam commercial, or “black/brown” for Djarum, or “green” for Sampoerna. :mrgreen:

  5. @mantan kyai

    Kalo nggak salah… iklan ini pernah menjadi iklan terbaik tahun 1994 atau 1995, ya sekitar tahun segitulah…


    Huahaha…. the blue of Indonesia is of course a far cry from the blue of the winning party in the last election…. 😀


    So, let’s make this country more beautiful by at least appreciating the beauty… 🙂


    The red of Indonesia?? hmmm…. perhaps it is when you have bloodshot eyes due to infections…
    The black of Indonesia?? Hmmm…. let’s see if you like the blackout due to the power cut…..
    The green of Indonesia?? Hmmm…. this is fine as long as it concerns the lush green of vegetation, not to mention fungi that grow on your food…. :mrgreen:

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