Up, Up To The Skies!

Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline (New York)

Who doesn’t recognise the panoramic picturesque view of Manhattan Skyline above? In the mid of the 20th century, New York City and some other North American cities were probably the only sites when one could set eyes on breathtaking view of skylines packed with highrise buidings. But as time dragged into the 21st century this phenomenon changed. North American cities were not the only homes of breathtaking skylines and the highest-rise buildings. Highest-rise buildings had even shifted eastwards to both the Far and the Near. With the economic boom in the Far East and the limited space of urban lands that made the price of lands soaring high, the most economic way to shelter people and their businesses was to build it up and up! These circumstances had raised ‘the highrise race’ in the Pacific Rim where people constructed skyscrapers like crazy!

Southeast Asian cities are of course no exception. In the capital cities of the ASEAN, this ‘race’ became more evident. Despite the facts that the slum areas still coexist side-by-side with the business districts where highrises are looming to the skies, breathtaking panoramic Manhattan-like skylines are now readily simulated by the Southeast Asian cities! To prove how close the Southeast Asian cities in paralleling Manhattan skyline these below are the pics of some capital cities of  ASEAN. The pics are grabbed from various sources Netwide.

Jakarta Skyline with BNI Tower (now it is dubbed "Wisma 46") in the centre.

Kuala Lumpur Skyline

Manila Skyline (the Philippines)

Manila Skyline (The Philippines)

Singapore Skyline

Singapore Skyline

Bangkok Skyline (Thailand)

These below are some fascinating second-rate skylines from non-capital cities of ASEAN:

Surabaya Skyline (East Java, Indonesia)

Kuching Skyline (Sarawak, Malaysia)

Well? What do you think? Do you think that these ASEAN cities are close enough to the well-known Manhattan Skyline in the density of the highrise buildings? It is up to you to judge, but these ASEAN cities are still growing and they still build things up and up to the skies! Let’s see what they will look like in, say, 10 years?? Okay, now, which of those skylines above is the best do you think? As an Indonesian, of course I would vote in favour of Jakarta, but as a neutral observer of course I would vote for…… Jakarta!! Hahahaha….. It seems that the adjective ‘neutral’ is not really working, isn’t it?? 😆

9 responses to “Up, Up To The Skies!

  1. I vote Jakarta also Kang!..haaa..daripada ditimpuk…hee

  2. jakartanya bersih gitu langitnya, bagus

  3. well, let me be objective.

    i vote for, uhm… jakarta.
    yupe! it seems the best.

    and i’m so very objective about this!
    (if i have to score based on those mere pictures above, i will indeed vote for jakarta, mas. haqqul yaqiiin!) 😛

  4. @boyin

    Kalau ditimpuk duit mah nggak apa2 ya?? Heheheh…. :mrgreen:


    Lah… kok yang dilihat malah langitnya?? :mrgreen:


    Ok… I will look up the city of haqqul yaqiin on the map in case I missed it. I bet they got first-rate skyline too…. :mrgreen:

  5. ….i think there are some criteria to judge which skylines are the best….such as height, style, uniqueness, and topography….while i was wondering if it does not only take consideration but more so the visual impact against horizon….so not just a vertical view aspect consideration….btw i support Jakarta and Surabaya cities which will have a skyline in Indonesia….

  6. Indah dipandang, tapi serem kalau ada gempa (masih trauma turun dari lantai 18 saat gempa).

    Tapi saya tetep suka Indonesia…jalan Thamrin di pagi hari Minggu….hmm segar….indah…..walau bangunan di kiri kanan jl Rasuna Said unik-unik..saya tetap suka Thamrin-Sudirman, Jakarta

  7. Saya tetap milih kotaku sendiri (hehehehe),……. walau ga banyak gedung tinggi, tapi udaranya seger bgt,…. ga ada yg kek gini nikmatnya………..

  8. @sjafri mangkuprawira

    Yes, I agree with you, prof. Deciding on the best skyline has never been a snap and it is very complicated. I even think that to judge which skyline is the best requires a professional. And I believe too that a single photo can only speak of a façade and it never shows the complete ins and outs required.


    Memang bu, sepertinya agar gedung-gedung tinggi menjadi lebih indah, setiap bangunan harus ada keunikan tersendiri, tidak hanya sekedar tinggi, kotak dan seragam yang tentu saja akan sangat membosankan dan kaku…


    Sebenarnya memang untuk membuat sebuah kota maju tidak perlu dengan gedung2 pencakar langit. Kota2 di Eropapun relatif ‘low-profile’, kecuali mungkin daerah2 bisnis seperti Mainhattan di Frankfurt (plesedan dari “Manhattan” dan diambil dari Frankfurt-Am-Main) atau La Défense di Paris. Itupun kalau dilihat skyline-nya masih jauh lebih megah Jakarta!

  9. profil negara maju cukup di buktikan hanya dengan kesejahtraan masyarakat

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