Allez Henin!

Justine Henin

The fortnight’s fun of Australian Open is over. No ‘new’ champions of Australian Open in the singles emerged. Top seeds, the American Serena Williams and the Swiss Roger Federer took home the most coveted titles. In the men singles’ final, Federer dominated his opponent the Scotsman Andy Murray, and the Swiss did sail through the final match  with the trophy. But in the ladies singles’ final, the story is a little bit different.

Justine Henin, the Belgian, who in 2008 decided to retire from the tennis court and eventually decided to return to the women’s tennis tour in 2009, did not let Serena sweep through the match. Every point gained by each player was grabbed hammer and tongs. Henin, despite her petite frame in comparison with her opponent who has an amazonian chassis, surprisingly has almost all of her strokes and shots packed with energy. I even wonder how come a relatively small lady like Henin got her enormous energy like that? Her motion is also agile like a gazelle to cover the court and to return every knockdown shot of her brawny American opponent. Unfortunately Henin’s errors were still produced fast and furious that gave Serena cheap points although I know that Serena also played awesome and she also made unfavourable errors. Though I rooted for the Belgian, I have to admit, it is the better who must have the trophy. And the match eventually belonged to the American.

However, I know that it is not easy for Henin to return to the court with her maximum capacity after quitting the tour for 18 months. It appeared that she would need to crank herself up before she reaches the peak again like she did before she quit. But her appearance and her performance, although she succumbed to Serena, in the Australian Open final delivered a wake-up call to the top players like the Williams sisters and the East European league that in the foreseeable future she would become a full-blown competitor again to those top players. “Allez” Justine, like the French word she frequently shouts after winning a stiff point!


8 responses to “Allez Henin!

  1. Yess pertamax!!!
    *joget sama henin*

  2. everyone knows that i am the all hail didta

  3. if still have champion mentality, i think it should be on track soon.

  4. sort of die hard, isn’t she?

    so this is the report of the tennis competition you watched the other day, when the fax and telecommunication issue distracted you from enjoying the game, huh? not only do the audiences, but also the player like it more having a tough and equal opponent, i suppose.

  5. Wow, itu kempol keker banget. haha

  6. Saya baca aja…karena tak terlalu memahami bidang tennis ini

  7. @Blck_Claw

    Sambil ngebor juga nggak?? 😛


    Yes…. everyone…. who knows you…. it may only be a handful of them… :mrgreen:


    Oh… repot ngurusin dua blog rul, lagian blog yang itu udah lupa pakai akun apa dan pakai alamat e-mail yang mana…… 😦


    Yes…. I believe Henin will snatch the Grand Slam titles soon in this year. The most possible one is the next Roland Garros in Paris.


    No, it is not. Henin-Serena match is the final match. The one that I watched the other day was in the earlier round.

    Yes, Henin has the never-say-die attitude and it is her meat and potatoes on the tour. That’s why I’m sure that she will reach the top again soon…


    Kempol itu pangkat di kepolisian kan?? **plesedan mode ON** :mrgreen:


    Ok… silahkan bu…

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