Poor Buffalo, Poor Half-Wits…

Recently we watched on the boob tube (ouch!) and read on the newspaper, street protesters brought a water buffalo as  a part of an angry protest against the govt on the bail-out of the once bankrupt C**tury Bank. The buffalo is likened to the (Indonesian) president. The buffalo is depicted as a lazy, fat and unintelligent creature and they compared the bovine with the prez’s frame and characters. As a zoophile or an animal lover and a big fan of the Animal Planet channel I don’t feel pity for the president, I pity the poor bovine instead. The president can take care of his problems and  a lot of people in his surroundings would also help him taking care of  his problems. But the case is not true for the water buffalo. That poor animal is completely helpless amongst the people who took it to the street.  It looks befuddled to walk on the street in the blazing sun while it used to plow and wade in the muddy rice-field.

As the political outcry was raised amongst the protesters and the unhappy reaction was returned by the president, the conflicting parties do not realise that depicting a water buffalo as lazy and unintelligent is not accurate! Buffalo has never been lazy unless if it is sick and not in a good condition. The water buffaloes have significant contribution to the production of rice nationwide past and present alike! Now how can you say that a water buffalo is a lazy creature? Unintelligent?? It is not true either unless you compare its intelligence with that of human’s! But of course it is not fair to compare our intelligence with that of a buffalo’s. You would be unhappy too if someone told you that you are less intelligent than Albert Einstein! Certainly you wouldn’t expect a water buffalo to work on your voice command. You would not expect it will do math or do rocket science either! It is because it is just a water-buffalo! In fact how many of you can do good math or the like? So, please, don’t call a water buffalo an unintelligent animal. Perhaps for those who would expect a water buffalo to work for you on your voice command, they may be no more intelligent than the water buffalo itself! :mrgreen:

9 responses to “Poor Buffalo, Poor Half-Wits…

  1. ini posting ditujukan kepada presiden kan? :mrgreen:
    hehe *duh dilarang ketawa sembarangan di internet by @tifsembiring*

  2. oops! sensitive!

    but undoubtedly, no matter how smart or intelligent an animal is, i will surely be angry if it happens to be referred to me!

  3. hee..akang saw it from different side..but unfortunately the generalization opinion about buffalo was already spread out including to the one who have no idea what is the meaning of buffalo..

  4. Yes, indeed there is no stupid. All of God’s creation has its own advantages and disadvantages of each. *bener gak sih bahasa inggris-nya?* 😀

  5. @aRuL

    Sebenarnya Rul, ini bukan postingan bermuatan politik. Ini hanya untuk “mengingatkan” saja bahwa jangan cepat mengatakan kerbau itu malas dan bodoh. Kalau mengatakan bodoh karena membandingkannya dengan manusia, tentu saja kurang tepat. Lha… wong… membandingkan kecerdasan anak SD sama profesor aja nggak tepat kok…. betul nggak?? :mrgreen:


    Okay… I promise I won’t associate you with an animal or vice versa…….. for the sake of both parties! :mrgreen:


    Hmmm… the buffalo would even be unhappy to be associated with them…. :mrgreen:

    @Nurita Putranti

    Well… this is not an English lesson. I won’t judge on your English. Let an English teacher do that for you! But you are right….. every God’s creation plays an important role in the ecosystem, no matter how small it is. So, please, pay a little respect to God’s creation…. 😀

  6. Well.
    Apparently, after reading this, I wonder if I ever asked an animal to do the math… 🙂

    You’re right.
    It is what it is. Do not compare anything, but appreciate every little thing of everything… 🙂

  7. Terlepas dari tujuannya, kasihan kerbaunya…kepanasan ….

  8. Yari,

    I am not really sure who should be blamed in this case, the very sensitive person who does not want to be described as having the characteristics of a buffalo:
    big, slow, always moaning, can’t work if not whipped; or the poor buffalo?
    But the fact shows that it was the buffalo that has been banned from joining demonstration in the street. Poor creature.

  9. @jeunglala

    You can always teach a buffalo the maths (forget what others will think about you! :mrgreen: ) but you can’t expect it to do it well…. 🙂


    Iya bu…. kasihan kerbaunya…. bukan saja kepanasan tetapi juga dilecehkan hehehe…


    If buffaloes can protest, they will join the street protesters because they are not paid for their labour. Perhaps they will form up a union too…. hehehe…. **silly me** 😀

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