Daily Archives: Senin, 1 Maret 2010

If Only The Connection Is This Fast…

Here the speed test reads:

Download Speed : 7.62 Mbps.
Upload Speed: 6.01 Mbps.

Forget your HSDPA, HSPA+ or EV-DO Rev A connections. This connection makes your home broadband connections look crawling even though they max out at 3.6 Mbps as promised. If only I had this kinda connection at home….. **green with envy**.

Darned! Too good to be true? 😛


Sorry for the blurry picture. It was not my PC nor my laptop. I was looking for the screen capture software but it was nowhere to be found. So I took out my mobile phone and snap! It was captured by the camera of the mobile phone! So, I’m big sorry for the fuzziness of the pic.