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Earth Hour 2010: Please Reduce Your Carbon Footprint…

The equinox is already around the corner, it is the time when every place on the earth enjoys equal length of day and night. The times near the equinoxes (both vernal and autumnal equinoxes) are considered the best to hold the Earth Hour. That’s because no places on the earth would still be sunlit-bright (save the extreme latitudes) between 8.30PM and 9.30PM when the Earth Hour is held every year, so everyone on the planet can take part in the Earth Hour. This year (2010), the Earth Hour will be held on Saturday, March 27. This Earth Hour is not a celebration nor a yearly ritual, it reminds us and it asks us to save our planet, our only abode in space. All it asks is to switch off the lights and to turn off any other unnecessary huge power-consuming devices during the Earth Hour that consume a large amount of hydrocarbon fuels in the power plants. That’s all it asks from you.

As we learnt in the school that hydrocarbon fuels when consumed are converted into carbon dioxide and water vapour. Both species are greenhouse gases notably carbon dioxide. These gases prevent the heat from escaping to the outer space and if the heat is trapped within the atmosphere of our planet  it will raise the temperature on the earth’s surface.  The temperature raise of course will bring about seriously various negative effects on the earth. To learn more about how these greenhouse constituents can cause harm to our planets you can surf the Net, the information galore about it is available online.

So, please, for just an hour the earth implores us to save it. It needs us to help it getting rid of the ‘evil’ greenhouse gases. Let’s help the earth, our only home, before it fails to spare us!