Reading An Indonesian Address…

RT 003/05

In this posting I’d like to take you to read an Indonesian address. It might be very useful for those who want to visit the country (It happens to be my country!). That imaginary address above is a typical Indonesian address. Like an address in any countries, an Indonesian address also has its uniqueness though it is not hard to understand it. Now let’s examine each line of the address above:

ARIEF KEMALUDIN, is a name of the addressee. In Indonesia the last name is not necessarily a family name or a surname. There are lots of Indonesian names that don’t bear a surname. So in this case, Kemaludin is not necessarily a surname. To identify whether the last name is a given name or a surname in an Indonesian name is very tricky, and there are no specific ways to identify it.

PT RAJA MAS, is signifying a corporation. PT is more or less identical to Co., or Ltd. in English. Some smaller businesses may bear the acronym Fa (Firma) or CV (Commanditaire Vennootschap). But the use of CV has become obsolete since it is derived from Dutch acronym. Alongside with PT, some company’s names also bear an acronym ‘Tbk.” on the tail. It signifies that the company is a public company.

JL. is an abbreviation of ‘Jalan’ which in English is translated as ‘street’ or ‘road’
RAJAMANTRI KULON III, is the name of the street. The roman numeral III on the name signifies that there are other streets which are called RAJAMANTRI KULON. There are RAJAMANTRI KULON I and RAJAMANTRI KULON II somewhere in the vicinity. And the number 15 signifies the number of the building. It is very common to separate the numeral III and the number 15 with a slash (/) in Indonesian address. But the using of ‘No.’ in place of the slash has become increasingly popular in Indonesia. So, JL. RAJAMANTRI KULON III No. 15 is identical to JL. RAJAMANTRI KULON III/15.

RT 003/05
Those three lines above are the names of the localities in Indonesia. In personal or business letters, since the introduction of post code in Indonesia, the using of these localities in the letters has become obsolete. But if you come to Indonesia and if you would like to find a building, this information containing these localities’ names are very helpful.

Bandung is the name of the city while 40265 is the post code. The post code in Indonesia always consists of 5 digits. If you find the number 1, 4, 5 and 6 in the first digit of the post code. It signifies that the address in the island of Java, the most populous island in the archipelago.


KEL. stands for Kelurahan whilst KEC. stands for Kecamatan.

18 responses to “Reading An Indonesian Address…

  1. PT, Co, Ltd…di Malaysia…Sdn Bhd

    Itu alamat tetanggaku kang Yari……

  2. Hi Yari,
    Very informative post, which I am sure would be valuable for foreigners.

    PS : frankly speaking, although I am an Indonesian living here, there are times when I faced difficulty when looking for an address, mostly because the numbers were not in order.

  3. so, what’s your address, mas yari? :mrgreen:

    in sumatera, the use of kelurahan and kecamatan in the address is not as important as in some places in java. moreover, RT and RW.

    well, sometimes when reading or writing address in indonesia, i’m just amazed of how extensive our addresses are. yet very informative.

  4. nice info. coba share di kaskus, pasti langsung hot thread tuh 😀

  5. wah bagus banget untuk menuntun para turis membaca alamat hehe

  6. share di kaskus pasti jadi thread yahud.

  7. @edratna

    Betul bu. Kalau di Perancis atau Spanyol namanya SA, kalau di Jerman namanya GmbH atau di Belanda namanya NV (dulu juga dikenal di negeri kita) yang singkatan dari Naamlose Vennootschap. Lain negara lain istilahnya.

    @Harry Nizam

    Yes you are right Harry. Difficulties don’t stop in that matter. Sometimes we find that the building number 37 is not exactly across the building number 36. It has been common that sometimes number 37 is located almost 50 metres away from the number 36! It’s really confusing…


    Yes, an address should contain enlightening information but there are many cases when addresses are too prolix (it is not isolated to Indonesian addresses) that people especially those who are not familiar with the nomenclature of the address have difficulties in understanding the addresses… I hope this article will enlighten those especially the foreigners to understand “the nature” of our address…


    Oh ya?? Kalau begitu coba saja anda taruh di kaskus, tidak usah menyebutkan sumbernya juga tidak apa2, karena ini tujuannya adalah berbagi… 🙂


    …and you are hot! 😀


    Bagaimana kalau sistem peralamatan sekalian diberi koordinat GPS?? Kan sekarang GPS receiver udah murah-murah tuh…. hehehe…..


    Yahud atau yahudi?? Huehehe…. just kidding! 😀

  8. Nah, kalo disini, blok nya dulu, baru nama rumah nya, lalu nama jalan nya, baru nama daerah, kota, baru kode pos, hehehe

    • Di Malaysia ya?? Malaysia kalo nggak salah kode posnya juga terdiri dari 5 digit kayak kita juga ya?? Sama seperti AS. Hanya saja di AS ada yang depannya ‘0’ sementara kita mulainya dari ‘1’.

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  10. The new Indonesian format (without RT, KEC and KEL) does not seem to different from German style, except that we have [zip code] [city] in the last line (just the other way round).

    At least your system seems more logical to me that the Korean one a friend gave me once. She told me to put the zip code right after “South Korea” and not after the city name. I am still wondering if this was correct 😀

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