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An IT Book or A History Book?

1986 Edition of "Computer Today"

There is nothing wrong with the title of the book indeed. Unless you soon realise that this book bears the title that has remained unchanged since 1986, the year it was published. I stumbled upon this book on the shelf of the IT (Information Technology) section in the library of so-called the leading institute of technology of the country.  As I leafed through the book, I realised that this book should not be placed in the IT section since there are topics and objects that most of the readers who began to become mouse potatoes in the 1990s I bet are not familiar with. How many of today’s Internet users are familiar with CPM-80 or CPM-86?? Or…. can they imagine that cassettes that they used to play music from the boom-boxes are the storage device of computer data in the past? Or obviously could someone imagine  that the topic of Internet is nowhere to be found on the book of “Computer Today”??

Well…. for those who want to study how data processing evolved from the bulky space-consuming computers to the mid-1980s when data microprocessing began to flourish, this is the right book for them. But if you want to study how computer systems and the processing systems run today, you must be a farce if you read this. Well… I hope this edition of the book will be replaced with the newest edition of the book or the likes. This book must be removed from the IT section or if they have history section in the library they can move the book to the section where it belongs to today. For your information, the book is not the only dinosaur on the shelf, there are more books that provide more antiquated information on IT!!

Index of the book, Internet topic is nowhere to be found... Sorry for the fuzziness of the pic.... I took the pic using the mobile phone's camera, that's why I couldn't do macrophotography.