A Surge In International Readers??

Indonesian Flag Icons nowhere to be seen

On the third anniversary of my blog “Spektrum Pemikiranku” my blog got a wonderful gift. It is a surge, a really surprising sudden surge in international readers. I actually have no idea why and how they suddenly came, but I believe it is a good start for this blog to ‘go international’. As you see on the pic above, I grabbed it at one morning a few days ago. Inadvertently I checked the globetrackr widget on the right bar of the homepage blog and I was surprised to see there are no Indonesian flags displayed on the widget, and there is also no “United States Mountain View, CA” indicating that the user is using Opera Mini Browser on a mobile phone. Of course if you see this “United States Mountain View, CA” on the widget, shouldn’t you jump up and down immediately because it can be someone next door using his or her mobile phone browsing your blog or web. But on the pic above there are no Indonesian flag icons and no “United States Mountain View, CA”, the state that I have never witnessed before on my blog.

Of course I have never expected that at a moment the international visitors would outnumber the Indonesian visitors since at the beginning this blog was written only in Bahasa Indonesia and it was (and is) intended for the Indonesian readers  (but of course this blog is also open to any readers or visitors at any points in the world map) and moreover, I have never left any comments  in any blogs apart from the Indonesian blogs (perhaps I have left a comment or two in non-Indonesian blogs if I’m not mistaken). It is not because I do not want to interact with them , it is merely due to my limited time to visit around the blogosphere. The Indonesian blogs that I “must” visit has made me spend too much time in the net, let alone if I had to visit beyond Indonesian ones. But if there is an international visitor leaving a comment on a post in my blog, I would likely return a visit and try to leave back a comment.. 😉

The visitors from anglophone nations contribute the most to the surge. The US, UK and Canadian visitors are increasing fast and furious. But visitors from non-anglophone nations also contribute significantly to the surge notably from India, the Philippines (both nations actually adopt English as their daily language though it might not be to the full extent), and countries in the European Union. There is also a slightly notable increase in visitors from Latin America like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil  and what-not. But the surge is mainly contributed to by the anglophone visitors as you will  see in the following captured Geovisite widgets:

The United States are leading the pack at one moment, something that I have never witnessed before. This widget was captured at about 6 o’clock in the morning a few days ago when most of Indonesian cybernauts are still in bed. Though Indonesian visitors eventually top the group at the end of the day, this is still the first time I saw visitors from a certain country apart from Indonesia at a moment are leading the table. More  surprisingly, the next morning even something more unusual had happened! Take a look at the following captured widget:

I know that in any measure the UK visitors are smaller in number than their US peers online so chances for the UK visitors of hitting my blog are also slimmer compared to those of the US visitors. But look, even the UK visitors managed to lead the table on my blog at a moment. It signifies that the anglophone UK visitors also contribute to the surge!

You would see at the Top-10-country widget on the right bar of my blog that the UK visitors have managed to thrust up into the top 10. It was not there a week ago. But it seems that the UK flag icon is not the only one which is being propelled up into the top 10. It is only a matter of time before I witness the Canadian flag icon sit in the top 10. 😀


8 responses to “A Surge In International Readers??

  1. Hi Yari,
    Congrats! you deserve it, because your blog is interesting.
    I always enjoy reading it.

  2. congratulations of the anniversary 😀

    long time no see 😀

  3. congratulations to you mas yari…proud of you…salute…

  4. seharusnya nih mas yari udah dari dulu go internasional.. sayang ya blognya yg bhs inggeris sempat terhenti..

  5. as for me, i dont know why, but i just dont feel like (in security aspect from the topic pov) to let people from abroad stuck in my page 😛

    but as a liberal person who always give good responses to the other’s writing, i believe that you deserved to get the joy from this international surge, sir 😎

  6. @Diazhandomse

    A belated greeting…. but thanks anyway… 😉

    @Sjafri Mangkuprawira

    I’m also proud of you, prof. At a senior age you still have so much energy in the tank to write and share online…. a paragon for us the juniors.. 🙂

    @Ag Bint

    Ah nggak go international juga nggak apa2 kok bin, yang penting nulis dan nulis… 😀


    I was just surprised to see the surge….. I know some people are indifferent of getting a surge. They don’t care…. because they only love writing and that’s it, it doesn’t matter whehter people will read, leave comments or not. Maybe you are one of them?? 😀

  7. This is really unbelivable. I cannot believe in this article.

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