Ladies Fanning Themselves… Is it Harmless?

A lady with her fan

Have you ever seen a lady fanning herself? When she fans herself, she naturally feels refreshed. One might think that this occupation would be absolutely harmless for all others present that they must be only grateful to the lady for “cooling” the air. Well… before you agree on the statement we should really see whether this is really so.

Why do we feel cooler when we fan ourselves? This is the simple explanation: When air is fanned onto our faces the air in direct contact with our faces warms up (Yes it actually warms up instead of cooling off!! Remember that! It is contratry to what you expect, isn’t it?? 😉 ). It warms up because the molecules in the air collide with one another (and thus with our face too) more violently due to the fanning. These colliding molecules release energy in the form of heat. It is this warm invisible mask of air that “heats” the face, in other words, prevents it from shedding any more heat. When the air around is still, this “warm” mask is gradually pushed up by the cooler and heavier air from the surrounding space. When this “warm” mask is eventually fanned away, our face comes into contact with more and more new portions of non-warmed air, to which it sheds its warmth. That is how we cool ourselves. It is to some degree analogous to something like if we soak our hands in hot (not boiling though) water for a while then we immediately soak them in lukewarm water, our hands will feel cooler even if the temperature of the lukewarm water is higher than the temperature of the surrounding air. In short, the rotating contacts between our faces and the warmed and cooler air that give the fresh and cool sensation to our faces.

Now consequently when continously fanning herself, the lady whisk the warmed mask of air, replacing it with cooler air over and over. This portion of cooler air  warms up when again is fanned by the lady before it is eventually whisked away and replaced by still another portion of cooler air. It is repeated over and over again. Fanning, thus accelerates air mixing and helps to quickly equalise the temperature throughout the room.  In other words, it refreshes the possessor of the fan at the expense of the cooler air enveloping the other people present.  Like the explanation in the previous paragraph, she feels cooler because she is first exposed to warm air before the cooler air replace the whisked warmed air. The whisked warmed air will proceed to the surrounding space and very very slightly raise the surrounding temperature. Of course this warmed air will not harm anyone let alone kill him or her, the persons next to the fanner will not even feel the temperature rise, but it might not be the case if there are so many ladies fanning themselves in an enclosed room with poor ventilation!! 😉

Post Script:

For your information, I am not a sexist. I know that it is not only a lady that fans herself, a gentleman can do the same on  newspaper or something else in place of a fan.. 😛


13 responses to “Ladies Fanning Themselves… Is it Harmless?

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  2. Hi Yari,
    Interesting explanation, I never thought about that.
    One thing that I like about reading your blog is because you provide scientific explanations about many things. WOW!

  3. hii ladies…
    selamat pagii, udah mandi lum hehheeee

  4. Reading your post.. I kinda fans my self now..

  5. bahasanya tinggi bangeeett?? sastra inggris ya? -____-

  6. mr yarie…, your post forced me to open my english dictionary…. hehehe

  7. aq kok malah inget lagu godai aku lagi by agnes monika … Stay cool and lovely…

  8. @Harry Nizam

    Thanks Harry. I’m just explaining on something simple that happens in our daily life in simple language…. I hope the explanation is clear enough to enlighten the readers on interesting facts behind our daily doings…


    Wah… kalau belum mandi kipas2 gawat ya biar cewek juga?? Apalagi kalo semalem makan berambang goreng tambah bawang Bombay…. :mrgreen:


    You mean you fan yourself or to become a fan of yourself? 😀


    Hah?? Masa begini aja bahasanya tinggi sih?? Ini lagian bukan bahasa sastra Inggris kok! 😛 Ha! Mangkannya diaz belajar bahasa Inggris yang lebih rajin lagi dong, gunakan media Internet sebagai media belajar Bahasa Inggris juga, jangan nanggung, jangan cuma bisa Facebookan doang… huehehe… 😉

    @Saiful Ghozi

    And when the last time did you open a dictionary, do you still remember it? 😀

    @HASTu W

    Oooo… dikirain pernah jadi juru kipasnya Agnes Monica… :mrgreen:

  9. I think my body had some kind of radiator. I’m so rarely feel hot and fanning myself or using electric fan, even when people around me seems melted from hotness. 😆

    On the other hand, I just remember that you could kill others using folding fan too. :mrgreen:

  10. kalau abis kentut terus dikibas-kibas paling asoy mas…. haha….

  11. @jensen99

    Well… in that case…. if the radiator of my car is on the fritz… all I have to do is to call you to cool down the heated engine! 😆

    @Ag bint

    Hahaha…. dasar raja kentut..! 😆

  12. Reading your post.. I kinda fans my self now..

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