Chicken or Egg First? Fruit or Seed First?

It is interesting to read the articles on which comes first, egg or chicken?? Actually the British scientists on the Universities of Sheffield and Warwick have eventually concluded the age-old puzzle with a scientific answer that the chicken must have come first! The key to the answer of this puzzle lies in a protein discovered by the scientists called OC-17 or ovocledidin-17. This protein is only found in the eggshell. The scientists use the sophisticated supercomputer simulation to demonstrate the formation of the eggshell from the protein to the fully dvelopped eggshell. The process is rather complicated and it is not easy for laymen (including me) to understand it unless you get to grips with biochemistry very well.

Of course, for those who do not fully understand might be likely to drag the kind of old catch-22 back in circles, a new but old similar question would emerge: “then how did the first chicken come into being?? Did it just pop up?? Was it created by God?? Did it evolve from something else unknown?? etc…etc…” Well… for you to know that I am not too interested in prolonging the puzzle that will eventually incite dogmatic arguments and debates. I am not interested either in detailing the scientific lowdown on the riddle.

Instead of detailing or prolonging the riddle I’d rather like discussing on what Rob stated on his post in his blog concerning reinventing the saying on the situation of which must come first. Of course it is just a mere fun rather than a necessity 😉 . At first I thought it was gonna be easy but after a while I realised that it was not as simple as I initially thought. And after thinking for about half an hour I only came up with three replacements, two of them are not appropriate enough to replace the old saying. Here come those three one after another:

Which one comes first day or night?

At the beginning I thought it’s the perfect substitute for the solved old riddle. But after thinking for a while soon I realised that it wasn’t. The answer to this riddle is not that hard to find. If the earth was created before the sun, the night would come first because there would impossibly be the day without the shining sun. And if the sun was created before the earth, the day and the night came together at the same time, none of both came first since there would always be night and day at the same time (depending on where you stay on the earth, the side facing the sun or the side facing away from the sun) since the birth of the earth! See? So… this replacement is eliminated out of hand! 😉

Which one comes first Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,…, or Saturday?

On which day was the earth created? So I’m rephrasing it. This must be the perfect substitute for the solved puzzle of the saying and it seems that I will never change that view. However, the options are too numerous that it takes forever to express the new saying! So it is not worth a red cent and again I have to get rid of it. 😦

Which one comes first seed or fruit?

After failing with two previous substitutes, I eventually breathed freely after stumbling across this rather similar reinvented saying. Unless there was already a scientific research that had come with the answer of this riddle somewhere else I am pretty sure that this is the perfect replacement for the age-old solved saying. Or do you find it the other way round?? If you don’t agree on it, perhaps you can come up with your own sayings that picture the similar situation. So please, help me! 😉

13 responses to “Chicken or Egg First? Fruit or Seed First?

  1. Hi Yari,
    I always enjoyed visiting and reading your blog, lots of knowledge some of which made me smile.

  2. Jika menyangkut ayam atau telur…

    Logika saya berkata Ayam ada sebekum telur. Kenapa susah-susah, ayam bisa bertelur, telur tidak menetas jika tidak dierami.


  3. menjawab itu mudah, yang membuat kuat atau tidaknya sebuah jawaban adalah argumen setelah jawaban tersebut. Jadi duluan mana ? siang atau malam ?

  4. @Harry Nizam

    Hehehe… Harry… it is not that serious. This article is meant to be just for fun and it is not intended for serious nor scientific explanation. However, thanks a lot. 🙂


    Huehehe…. dikirain alesannya: ayam bisa bertelur, telur nggak bisa berayam. Jadinya telur memang lebih “inferior” daripada ayam ya? 😀

    @Mandor Tempe

    Iya betul apa kata Ardianzzz…. di artikel saya sudah menjawab alasan/argumen atas malam atau siang dulu. Argumen saya jika bumi “diciptakan” sebelum matahari maka tentu malam duluan karena jikalau tidak ada matahari tidak akan ada siang. Sedangkan jikalau bumi “diciptakan” sesudah matahari (ini yang lebih logis) berarti sejak bumi lahir, maka siang dan malam datang pertama bersama2 tergantung di sebelah mana anda berdiri, karena selalu ada sisi siang dan malam sejak hari pertama bumi. Masuk akal kan? 😉

  5. opposition of dualism (good-bad, night-day, egg-chicken, etc) will be found out when that people seat on the top of mountain. He might see it from every direction/angle.

  6. my bad… now we lost one of the most circular-unsolved-folk-old school enigma 😛

    meski demikian, sepertinya proses kalsifikasi untuk pertama kalinya buat saya masih saja sulit dibayangkan. ayam mana yang pertama kali melakukan kalsifikasi untuk menghasilkan telur pertama yang muncul di dunia itu rasanya layak mendapat penghargaan =))

  7. kalo musim ujan sama musim panas mana yg duluan bisa ga yah?

  8. dari awal pertanyannya aja udah salah,makhluk di dunia ini di ciptakan berpasang – pasangan,jadi harusnya pertanyaannya adalah : mana yang lebih dulu?sepasang ayam ( jantan n betina ) atau sepasang telur?hahaha,itu menurut aku

  9. @boyin

    Bang Boy… heck what are you talking about?? I don’t understand at all… huehehe…


    Wah… penting ya sampai sedetail itu, ayam yang mana yang pertama kali menghasilkan telur?? Hmm… kalau buat saya sih… terjawab pertanyaannya dasarnya aja udah bersyukur… 😛

    @Ag bint

    Siapa tahu awal-awalnya nggak ada musim hujan atau panas, yang ada campuran dari keduanya…. Jadinya gimana hayo?? 😀


    Ya… kalau ditanya mana yang duluan: sepasang ayam atau sepasang telur, ya sepasang ayam dulu dong kemungkinannya! Kan di atas sudah terjawab… yang duluan adalah ayam jadinya nggak mungkinlah kalau “sepasang” telur duluan… 😛

  10. uda bisa diduga..sebenernya di dalam agama juga uda dikasi clue…yg ada manusia dulu, istrinya, baru deh ada sel telur dan sperma…

  11. Ultimate Riddle: “Mana yang ganteng, saya atau kamu?”

  12. @GigiSehatBadanSehat

    Iya juga sih. Tapi kalau menurut para ilmuwan harus dibuktikan secara ilmiah atau nyata, baru mereka merasa puas. 🙂


    Jelas gantengan anda dong, apalagi kalau wajah anda lagi ketutupan sama wajah saya… !! :mrgreen:

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