Interstellar Battleship over Kemang??

 This 20-second-clip first caught my attention on Yahoo! Indonesia about a week ago. It is showing an armada of interstellar (or space) battleships above Kemang, a district in Jakarta. Hoax?? Sure! Even for those who believe in the extraterrestrials will sneer at the authenticity of this clip. For me, who is now no longer sure about the existence of the extraterrestrials (but I don’t have any intention to elaborate it since it will take a separate article of its own) I did not need to think twice to reject the plausibility of this clip. Okay, forget about the newsworthiness of this event if it is genuine and we all know that no media carry the headlines of this event. But on the movie itself, if you play that clip, you will easily spot the unmatched atmosphere thereof.

The technique applied on this clip is almost perfect. But perhaps a missing scenario might escape your notice, it is the crowd on the street! We see no crowd on the street! That’s the missing scenario that is supposed to be there to make it more real! The explanation is simple: if you see an armada of spaceships hanging overhead over a city, it will attract everyone’s attention because no one will want to miss the occasion that might not happen even once in a million years. So, people will flock on the streets, cars and cycles will pull up and heads will jut out of the windows! But as you see on the clip, those things don’t happen, people keep driving, no one is looking up into the skies to check what’s going on. It seems that it is just like another busy hours in Kemang, as flat as it! So, the scenario in the skies does not check with the one on the ground! Too bad, despite my personal opinion that the technique used to manipulate the scene is somewhat okay…. 😉

So… what else do you think it looks so deceptive? 😉

12 responses to “Interstellar Battleship over Kemang??

  1. What a tongue-in-cheek post…! 😛

  2. Hi Yari,
    Hmmmm …. a very good analysis about the clip.
    I wonder what’s the intention of the person (s) who made the scenario.
    Just a thought.

  3. the possibility for the pic is being made by people who have just learned videography..haaa

  4. @Multibrand

    Perhaps he would like to channel his/her sci-fi imagination into something more real and more enjoyable and voila came up the movie. Well done at least on the technique anyway. 🙂


    Yes it is a possibility that he’s just learned video animation and apparently he’s somewhat good at superimposing the motion picture though he is not that good at scripting… 😀

  5. klo menurutku tone ketajaman gambar ufonya beda dng ketajaman objek2 benda yg di tanah. lagian coba itu ufo lagi menghancurkan gedung2 pasti bakal lbh realistis.

  6. its too nice analysis for simple pic. . just view word that i can say: its difficult to be believed. …

  7. sadly despite the awesomeness of this technique, we still seeing crappy film in indonesian TV 😦 … why don’t the Punjabi’s hire this dude :mrgreen:

  8. @Ag bint

    Iya juga sih, emang ketajamannya agak beda sih antara pesawat angkasanya dengan benda2 yang ada di tanah.

    Btw, kalau ada skenario perang bukannya nanti tambah ketahuan palsunya?? Lah wong selama ini aslinya damai2 aja kok! 😛

    @Saiful ghozi

    Yes it is hard to believe it that this event did not hit the headlines 😀


    What do you expect from the Punjabis?? Do you want to move the melodramatic scenarios up to the space?? :mrgreen:

  9. uh, well, firstly i saw the clip, i really didnt need to bother in let it on its place. its a chep hoax, and i hate it as i hate keong racun trashy video :3

    i, somewhat agreed with your analysis. we need crowd screaming and yelling in this home-made video to make it more real…

    • Hehehe… I didn’t view keong racun either…. I actually glanced at it when my office mate downloaded it, but as soon as I found out that it was not that interesting, I turned my focus away from it…. 😀

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