A Goal or A Save?

As I wandered off across YouTube on nibbling a prawn cracker I stumbled across this  video, it is one of the most hilarious penalty shots.  I have no clue in which land did this stupid penalty come about but in the background we would see a side commercial hoarding saying “Maroc Telec*m”, it would have told us the place of the event. The referee assigned to the match did not seem to have to walk a thin line between a goal and a save. It only took seconds for him to come up with a firm decision that would make the outright celebrating goalie burst into protest but it obviously went nowhere.

I’m not sure why is it called a goal, but in my opinion, this is in the shootout session because I can’t see other players rushing in to score nor to save. The ball had not left the playing field and no interventions from the other players to score a goal, so a goal is! The celebrating goalie is no doubt disappointed for not successfully saving a goal….. and his face! 😀

11 responses to “A Goal or A Save?

  1. Hi Yari,
    Strange indeed yet interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hilarious, isn’t it? Just great the way this conceited guy is being tricked by the ballistics he is supposed to be the expert in. This and similar incidents I enjoy much more than I enjoyed the South Africa World Championship matches last summer.

  3. saya sebenarnya ga suka bola tp saya tahu kekonyolan dr video di atas. mungkin 95% jika keadaan spt itu ga akan terjadi gol tp itu kiper lagi sial ternyata yg sedang terjadi yg5% itu.

  4. hi.,… salam olahraga…salam sepakbola….
    dalam sepakbola memang yg ditunggu-tunggu itu goalnya hehheee

  5. Emang gol-lah yang dinantikan 2×45 menit. Lha, gak gol-gol bosen liatnya.

  6. @Harry Nizam

    Huehehe…. I’d rather find it hilarious, embarrassing and somewhat amateurish.. 😀


    Yeah… that goalie should have been familiar with the ballistics. But alas…. oftentimes other factors like the weight of the ball, the altitude of the stadium and…… self-conceit downplay the ballistics a goalie is expert at, like we witnessed it in South Africa a few months ago… and in this video. 😀

    @Ag bint

    Iya setuju kalau itu si kiper emang lagi sial tapi angkanya kok bisa sampai detail begitu?? 1:19 ya?? Gimana caranya tahu? Udah mengadakan penelitian ya?? 😛

    @Sandy Prayoga

    Apanya yang keren?? Kebobolan gol kok keren sih?? 😀


    Iya juga sih. Sebagus permainan sepakbola apapun kalau skor tetap 0-0 kok rasanya ada yang kurang gitu ya?? Tapi kalau andaikan skornya 10-10 itu berarti kedua kesebelasan sama-sama jago apa sama-sama goblok ya?? Huahaha…. ada nggak ya skor sepakbola 10-10?? 😆


    Iya sih… ada benernya juga. Tapi bagi penikmat sepakbola sejati, jalannya permainan dan juga proses terjadinya gol turut menentukan apakah pertandingan tersebut menarik atau tidak. Lha, kalau skor akhir 10-10 dari tendangan penalti semua selama 2 x 45 menit, ya nggak seru juga lah. Huehehehe….

  7. I am so sorry I couldn’t watch the goal completely…whether it was strange or common thing…if strange it is almost similarly to the matter of government policy implementation…for example about the policy of minimum price of rice or “gabah”…but in fact the policy benefit is just for consumer rather than for farmers…the other one is about the environment policy…no body doubt about that…but in fact just because of the government tax consideration and moreover lack of control …there are so many buildings or resort area developed without feasibility study and land use planning…

    • Prof it is too bad that you could not completely watch this hilarious penalty shot. I myself am not sure whether there are similarities between the hilarious penalty shot and the problems of the policy implementation you described. I believe somehow there are some similarities, but to me the difference is more obvious. The implementation of the policies involve so many parties that they are not easily implemented as planned no matter how organised we are. Cracks for disharmony and disturbance are more likely to arrive especially in superlarge systems. However similarity may take place, as we see that the goalie also faced unpredictable factors beyond his control that can lead him to an embarrassing blunder…. a rather similar blunder that can be faced on the implementation of policies that you wrote out…

  8. Anyway… a video to force me to laugh LOL

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