The Creator, Who or What Art Thou?

Nobody really knows when man began to worship gods. It seems like people have been worshipping gods since their first existence on this planet. Usually gods were depicted as supreme almighty beings that created and controlled natural phenomena which mechanisms were unknown to man at that time. Then humanity began to grow its knowledge, man learnt a lot of things concerning natural phenomena which were once unknown. One after another, man revealed the secrets of many natural phenomena. When man began to understand  the nuts and bolts of a natural phenomenon that was once thought to be controlled by a god, he or she began to realize that no gods are involved in the natural phenomenon. For example, people once thought that there was a god that controlled the rain, then people learnt and understood that rain is nothing more than water  cycles taking process in the atmosphere so the god is ‘ousted’  as the prime creator of the rain.  Now people understand what cause what natural phenomena and the concept of god slowly changes as the time progresses and the knowledge grows. However, perhaps some tribes that reside in many parts of the world still retain the old concepts of god especially those which still live the simplest life not affected much by modern sciences.

The explanation above may not  be the best description of a post presented by a fellow blogger Aria Turns (sorry it is in Bahasa Indonesia), a math blogger that every once in a while presents a topic off the mathematical scope.  The post should be reviewed in cool head and for those who are unhappy with his view must not  throw a tantrum or badmouth the author. Actually there are millions of people out there who share the same view with Aria Turns that the concept of god will always change with the progress of modern sciences. Even the current monotheistic concept embraced by today’s majority of the earth’s population will be prone to changes in the future! Many of us had even long rejected god as the creator of the universe and they believe that the universe needs no creator to initiate itself and to expand to its state we know it today. The news about the British scientists who successfully created a mini universe (it’s only a googling away to find the articles, check yourself!) even make much headway for the idea of relegating god. Many people believe if man can create a universe there is no need to involve god in the creation of the universe although I think it otherwise:  it supports the idea that at the beginning of the time our universe needed someone or something to kick off unless man can detect another spontaneous birth of universe somewhere else out of our own universe! (What do you think? 🙂 )

For those of you who are religious bigots don’t fly off the handle too soon. If I was asked  whether I believe in the Creator or not, I would certainly answer “I do!”. Indeed as a Muslim I believe in Allah The Almighty.  And I don’t need to rectify it. However it is just a matter of my faith  or to be more exact: a personal faith which seems to be unimportant  for the progress of modern sciences because it is never scientifically proven. And to some degree I concur with Aria Turns that the concept of god will likely change with time and the progress of sciences although I believe there will be some people who still stick to the old beliefs. But, according to my humble opinion, scientific researches should be built upon a free and neutral predisposition.  It must not be in the spirit of removing God (or changing a concept of God) from our mind nor of blatantly defending concepts written in the holy books. Because science must independently reveal the truth no matter what the result may be, whether it shows the truth of  old scriptures or the other way round (as a matter of fact I will agree if scientists do not unnecessarily include something about God in their extended informal conclusions in addition to their scientific ones  because it is not their field! 😉 ).  If you are sure that the holy books contain the truth and nothing but the truth, scientific researches will  lead us there  sooner or later. God needs no human advocacy for Himself, it is us who need advocacy from others to make sure that we believe in the right thing and not to be ridiculed by others who do not share the same views  or faith with us. So why are we worried about the progress of sciences and all of the excess concerning the Creator? The point is that if you do a scientific research you do not need to refer to a holy book to validate your work, on the other hand if you believe in God and you wish to worship Him, you do not need science to validate His existence and to justify what you believe. Do it at your will as you like it! As simple as that! There is no necessity to create room for slanging matches or threats in between!


7 responses to “The Creator, Who or What Art Thou?

  1. Yari,

    Believing (or not believing) in God is a right of every individuals.
    But considering that most people, especially in Indonesia, believe in
    one God, therefore as long as God is concerned I think we don’t have
    any problem.

    Problems arise when it comes to the diversity of religions, whereby
    disciples of each religions strongly believed that theirs are better than others.

  2. An article I just can agree with. Science and faith are different worlds ( ‘universes’) indeed. They can go along well as long as science is left alone by religions and religions allow themselves some flexibility when it some to dogmas.

  3. Nice for me, thank for share

  4. manusia biasanya merlukan bukti fisik. big bang sebenarnya udah cukup menjelaskan terjadinya alam semesta tp tetap aja ada pro kontra apakah Tuhan berperan dlm penciptaan alam semesta. sifat dasar manusia selalu menginginkan bukti fisik

  5. @Multibrand

    Problems arise not only in the diversity of religions but also in the friction between scientists and religious scholars concerning concepts of gods or even the existence of god.


    I’m not sure whether some of those devout individuals are happy to ‘bend’ the religion to fit the modern sciences. Truth be known that people like this will always exist. I myself found no difficulties with living in the two universes so far though some pronounced me not a good Muslim whilst I feel that I haven’t bent anything what I believe as a Muslim. 🙂


    Thanks. 🙂

    @ag bint

    Mungkin begitulah manusia. Selama tuhan berada dalam konsep, maka nampaknya perang konsep ketuhanan akan terus berlangsung walaupun sains sudah cukup baik menjelaskan terjadinya alam semesta. Kalau saya masih tetap percaya adanya Sang Pencipta. 🙂

  6. It is difficult to mix religion with science. So far we can only combines them to solves various problems.

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