Is Homosexuality Against Nature?

One early morning about 5, after offering up the dawn prayer, since I had nothing else to do and I was in no mood for the Internet, I remotely switched on the TV, after browsing a few channels around I came across a religious talk-show programme which is daily aired by a local TV station. I’m not sure what was the topic (because I only focused on it for a few minutes before I reclicked the  channel-up button) but I happened to hear the host of the programme confidently stating that ‘homosexuality is against nature (In Bahasa Indonesia: melawan kodrat)’. Perhaps the topic being discussed was about homosexuality or the like, I’m not sure.  Okay if you talk about homosexuality in the frame of religion especially in Islam, we all know too well that homosexuality is a sin and no mistake, I’ll second it.  But against the nature? That’s another thing that I would not agree on. After doing some googlings online, I found articles that supported my opinion that homosexuality is not against nature. I do not know exactly what did the host of the programme mean by ‘against nature’ but I assumed that  what he meant by ‘against nature’ is that it is not commonly or generally found in nature.  If only the pious speaker had enough time  to sweat over  thorough googlings I bet he would not say something like that!

If you search for  the information of homosexual behaviour in animal, you will be surprised to find that this behaviour is more than common in the animal kingdom.  According to Wikipedia, scientists have observed and documented  homosexual behaviour in about 1,500 species ranging from low-level vermicular species to higher-level primates.  The behaviours observed are sex, affection, courtship, pair-bonding and even parenting. Some of homosexual behaviours in certain species show interesting characteristics.

Black Swans

The Black Swan, for instance, an avian species which is found down under, has an astonishingly high-rate of homosexual behaviour. About 25% of black swans homosexually pair off! Usually a pen (a female swan) live with two cobs (male swans) in a nest.  The threesome ends up after the pen lays the eggs when eventually the pen is driven away by the cobs. The cygnets (the young) are raised by the homosexual cobs.  Amazingly the cygnets have higher rate of survivability than those raised by male-female parents! Perhaps it is because of the superior ability of the homosexual parents to defend their territory and to protect their young from external threats.

Two male mallards showing affection to each other

Mallard, another avian species, in which case the males have more beautiful vibrant colours than the females also engage in homosexual relationship. The homosexual behaviour is notably observed  amongst the drakes (the male ducks). The male-male sexual relationship in mallard is as high as 19% which is unusually high for avian species.  A drake usually pairs with a female duck at first. After the female lays her eggs, the drake leaves the female to begin a homosexual relationship with another drake.

The bonobos

Another interesting homosexual relationship is found in the Bonobos. Yes, a bonobo is a chimp-like species found only in the remote jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The man’s next of kin is a fully bisexual species. Contrary to the mallards, the bonobos have highest rate of female-female relationships though male-male relationships are also observed.  It is recorded that 60% of Bonobo’s sexual relationships are female-female that makes bonobo the species that has the highest rate of homosexuality.

Those three mentioned are just a few out of numerous species out there where we can observe homosexual relationships. If you thought that homosexual relationships are only found in human you are definitely wrong because nature has  shown us that homosexuality is part of nature itself! Considering that homosexuality is ubiquitously found in nature throughout the animal kingdom, are we still thinking that homosexuality is against nature? (Hey, don’t get misguided, I am not promoting homosexuality here, but even though you think I am, I will not lose sleep over it either! 😆 I’m just showing you what really happens in nature no matter whether we like it or not! 😉 ).

Photos have been provided through the courtesy of Wikipedia.

16 responses to “Is Homosexuality Against Nature?

  1. Hi Yari,

    All religions (= official in Indonesia) ruled that there are two kinds of human species i.e. man and woman.
    And in order to maintain the existence of human beings, men and women are advised to maintain very close relationship (= get married) and have children.
    Considering that homosexuality (among human beings) would be against this concept, therefore religious people would think that homosexuals are obviously against nature.

    For animals, I agree that homosexuality among them is not against nature.

  2. all life forms have instict to pass on their gene to offsprings. jeruk makan jeruk don’t do that. numpang ninggalin jejak gan 😎

  3. Perhaps it’s not surprising I – living relatively close to the the city which boasts to be the gay capital of the world- cheer this article. I absolutely do agree that whether or not practising a gay or lesbian lifestyle is a “sin”, is up to each religion ( or any other set of beliefs) to decide ( though in my opinion no one should rule it is forbidden for others not adhering to that specific set of beliefs). But no one who isn’t blind and ignorant in earnest can deny the facts and maintain nature provides only one sexual taste.

  4. kalo beristri banyak poligami kalo bersuami banyak poliandri kalo berpacar homo banyak apa namnya ya? polihomo? qiqiqi..

  5. @Multibrand

    Harry, actually I don’t care what those pious people think because I’m talking about what really happens in nature and not talking about religion. Well… of course, men and women have to maintain close relationship that lead to sexual relationship for humanity to multiply, but you’ll see this is where homosexuality takes its place, it is a way out of many nature harnesses the population growth. Because if people keep multiplying and the resources and the space we live are limited we know what will happen next. Scarcity will surface, destruction of natural habitats will take place. This is not what Mother Nature wants. So, that’s why nature creates homosexuality all over the animal kingdom including us, the Homo sapiens to control the population. Moreover, the natural method of controlling the population through homosexuality is far graceful than those through war (over scarce resources), famine or plague. In nature, it is common to see two forces pulling each other like a tug of war.


    Homosexuals have that instinct too. Ask a gay or a lez, lots of them want to have children too. But the instinct is usually dominated by other instincts and other desires. So ‘not to have’ the instinct and ‘not to follow’ the instinct are two different things! 😉


    Yes, I agree too that it is one’s right whether to practice or not to practice a homosexual relationship based on his or her own belief. But one MUST not force his or her view into others by force, by threat or by violence. But according to my humble opinion, the respect must go both ways. The heterosexuals must recognise the homosexuals’ existence and their rights, on the other hand the homosexuals must realise too they should not make extravagant parades or the like with all lustful displays that incite disgusts amongst the heterosexuals especially in the society like here in Indonesia where there are still so many people that adhere to their religions. Everyone has to meet each other halfway, one step at a time.

    @Ag bint

    Polyhomo?? Istilah mana tuh?? 😆

  6. Numpang info kang, semalam lebih dari 340 orang tewas dalam tragedi jembatan di diamond island kamboja, mohon doakan semoga tidak ada orang indonesia didalamnya. info lebih lanjut ada di blog saya. eh..ngomong2 komenku yang dulu gak lolos yah…

  7. o yes that is more accurate. so perhaps they ignore that instict because they are drawn to jeruk vs jeruk desire :mrgreen:

  8. no comment … kagak terlalu ngurusin urusan orang lain

  9. hmm gimana y.ehheh
    salam persahabatan
    thx artikelnya

  10. @boyin

    Wah… komennya bang boyin nggak ada tuh di kotak akismetnya? Ke mana ya? Kalau komennya bang boyin ada di akismet pasti akan saya loloskan deh bang.


    That’s nature! Regardless of what you think about it…. 😉

    @Berau SI JUMBO

    Ok… silahkan… 🙂


    Memangnya ini lagi ngurusin masalah orang lain? Mangkannya baca dulu yang betul sebelum berkomen negatif…


    Kenapa? Masih tabu dan segan membicarakan masalah homoseksualitas? 🙂
    Tapi ya… nggak apa2. Ok, salam persahabatan juga. 🙂

  11. You widen the topic area, Sir. I am sure the host was just talking homosexuality in a human context. Of course. Just who cares about homosexuality in an animal kingdom? 🙄

  12. i am disagree with ur statement in your post.
    Human is the best creature that ever created. It couldn’t be compared with animal. If animals did the homosexual, it’s okay becz they even don’t have any feel or high intelligent. PLEASE DONT ever think to make similiar between HUMAN and ANIMAL..

  13. @frozen

    I did not expand anything. The paragraph of the religious programme is just a prelude to the main topic. But even though the host referred only to human not to the whole animal kingdom (don’t forget! We are part of the animal kingdom, ask a biologist if you are unhappy 😉 ) it cannot refute the fact that homosexuality is not against nature…. unless you have something very solid to refute it scientifically not dogmatically.


    Yes of course it is very very possible that human is the best creation amongst any other species, but even though the best creation cannot be separated from the rest of the animate species, that means we are the integral part of the animal kingdom. I don’t make the conclusion, biologists and scientists do! Your comment is obviously based on dogmatism rather than scientific facts… Too bad! 😦

  14. The science will tell the truth. may be not today, but in future, it will be.
    from my point of view, the darwinism who believe that “human” is a sub division of animal kingdom is NOT TRUE. Human is human, animal is animal. 🙂

  15. Those three mentioned are just a few out of numerous species out there where we can observe homosexual relationships. If you thought that homosexual relationships are only found in human you are definitely wrong because nature has shown us that homosexuality is part of nature itself!

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