Daily Archives: Rabu, 13 April 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, UFO or God’s Vessel?

I was hovering across YouTube looking for something interesting when suddenly I stumbled upon this video. It’s a six minute video showing a celestial object being suspended in the sky. The place is somewhere in Stockholm, Sweden. The time is April 2010 (a year ago). The person who filmed this occasion claimed that it is a UFO or perhaps he preferred calling it a spaceship from another civilisation in the outer space. If you watch this video completely till the last second of it, yes you may notice that the object filmed is ‘breathing’ or pulsating and it may give you a stronger idea that it is an artificial object made by an advanced civilisation deep in the space. Well, I’m not a hypocrite, at first it gave me the same idea too.

But it is not my nature to take something for granted. And as I think over and over, I came to a simple but firm conclusion that it is nothing more than a star or a planet! (probably it is Venus) Then why is it throbbing?? I’m sure because the light passing through the earth’s atmosphere is refracted a few times by our atmosphere. That’s because our atmosphere contains several layers and each layer has a different density. This refraction in the atmosphere also gave the idea for a popular children song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” that we have been knowing it so awfully since heck-who-knows. The zoom effect plus the refraction that gives the object the throbbing effect.

So now after all logical explanation provided above, do you still insist that it is a spaceship from another planet? If you do, I understand that a lot of times our science fiction part is  more fun than our logic part. But remember, my science fiction part can also provide you with even something more fun. I would say that it is a god’s vessel! How’s that? Is it super silly? Do you think a spaceship from another planet sounds more scientific than that of a god’s vessel because the latter is a product (or a term) of science fiction in the old past even though that both are not yet scientifically proven? Oh dear, think again! 😉