If Only They Did It Fifteen Years Ago…..

It was Sunday morning about seven o’clock. It looked like I was the first who got up that early in the house. It is not because I am an early riser on Sundays, it is because I was eagerly waiting for the ‘live’ tennis action from Melbourne Park. So, to accompany the amusement of watching tennis matches from the Grand Slam of Asia-Pacific, I fixed myself a breakfast of two Cheddar spread sandwiches and a tumblerful of steaming aspartame-sweetened tea. Afterwards, as I planted my buns on the couch trying to sit nicely before my recently bought jumbo LCD-TV (as the old and the smaller LCD-TV had to serve in my bedroom to replace the even older 21-inch-CRT-TV which was on the fritz and beyond repair at a reasonable cost) I suddenly heard my fax machine receiving a transmission. Heck I don’t even remember when the last time I received a fax transmission. Duplicates of documents and any printed matters directed to me are now usually sent through e-mails by scanning them. However although fax transmissions have become less and less frequent day after day in my house, I still connect the fax machine to the line, in case in a rare occasion one needs to send me a fax and he or she happens to be Internet-illiterate.

These fax and faxing things have got something to do with this article, and it has got nothing to do with tennis. A few days ago on the Pikiran Rakyat daily my sight stumbled across an advert of Telkom (Indonesia) informing that the subscribers can change the plan in paying their landline phone bills. It is an interesting offer. Usually we are charged with the fixed subscription plus the flexible call charges (and of course plus a flexible VAT). But on the advert, it said we can change the plan of payments that will do away with the fixed subscription (bebas abonemen). I don’t know the lowdown on this advert but if you are interested, the information on it is only a few clicks away through the search engines. This advert however had interested me in a way that it conjured up a conclusion that Telkom is trying to implement an innovation, to some extent, to their product which is the landline phone. I am not surprised with the innovational efforts implemented by Telkom to boost their income from the landline service since this kinda communication begins to be forsaken by the users. Of course, we all know what caused it. It is mobile phone services that deprive the landline service of its users!

I still remember very well, about 15 years ago, when I needed a new landline connection for a fax-dedicated one. I contacted them but the best thing they could do was to tell me to wait until they released new lines to the market. Yes, fifteen years ago (in Indonesia)ย  to add a secondary line in your home was an uphill effort, they would reject you with smooth but prolix excuses, the most common one was that they did not have new lines to offer! So I waited and waited until kingdom come there’s nothing else I could do. Unfortunately, fax was still an uncontested device for remote-duplicating document. E-mails, on the other hand were still alien to most Indonesians. MMS (Multi-Media Messaging)?? Don’t ever think about it. Even inter-networking text messaging was still disabled at that time! So, the most convenient way to remote-copy the documents was through a fax machine. That explains why fifteen years ago I still needed Telkom.

But today, it is a totally different story. E-mails are very common. Uploading a scanned document is also a snap. Moreover, Internet connection is no longer dependent upon low-speed dial-up connection. Cellular, Cable-TV and many other networks offer high-speed Internet connections to compete with Telkom’s ADSL connection. And today, despite still subscribing to Telkom’s services I firmly feel that I no longer need Telkom’s services for the telecommunication purposes. But as usual, when the monopoly-nurtured big company like Telkom began to lose their market share in the stiff competition, then they just realised that innovation and the customer’s satisfaction were the ones worth implementing! That’s really pathetic! When they feel that they are no longer necessarily the numero uno in the league, they begin to appreciate the people that have contribution to their pots of money. But again, of course, as a clichรฉ “better late than never” always prevails when you want to make an excuse for doing correctly so late, a newly invented adage “better early than late” must be more notified in today’s modern market-oriented stiff competition…..

11 responses to “If Only They Did It Fifteen Years Ago…..

  1. Tulisan Anda hari ini begitu luar biasa dan inspiratif. Tetaplah menulis…!!

  2. hiii…gak sure aku yang komen duluan itu mbaca tulisanmu kang…BTW just like in Cambodia..fixed phone line is only used and the demand is among the company/ establishment. for house use 90% they don’t have fixed line. Internet can be accommodate by many others resources such as TV cable line, etc

  3. well, name it the advanced technology, or what. but yes, this kinda new offer somewhat reliefing. and if you talk about the secondary line, i am still dealing with primary line. even in a different case, this kinda communication technology helped so much. my mom is a ‘cellphone-illiteraly’ person, so when t****m agreed to dive into my village was something great. now she can call me anytime she wants. and my dad? now he forgot to feed his old cellphone! ha ha.

  4. @mobil88

    Thanks ya…. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Huehehehe…. ya biarin aja mas boyin…. namanya juga promosi…. :mrgreen:

    Aaaah… it is a unique case in Cambodia, it seems that where the people have not yet the chance to enjoy landline communication evenly throughout the country, people have enjoyed wireless communication which is more easy to provide and it is less costly for the communication company to invest…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Frederick Mercury

    Actually today if you don’t want to install a fax machine at home, you don’t need to add any lines, unless you are addicted to the Net and your Net is still running on the slow-speed dial-up connection…. :mrgreen:

    Your mom is not alone, I’ve seen ones who are well-heeled and, believe it or not, they don’t have any mobile phones for rather nonsensical reasons….. :mrgreen:

  5. wah saya nyerah mo baca semuanya pak, numpang komen ajah ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. this is undeniably one of the disadvantages of having a solitary player in business industry, mas yari. good for them and bad for us customers of course. i remember how difficult it was only to subscribe for a new fixed phone line. but now the ubiquitous telecommunication providers merry the competition and make it difficult for this used-to-be-single player unless it innovates new strategies, which in turn advantage customers.

    we do pay the expense of technology, yet it can cheapen our life expenses if we are wise employing it.

  7. Siapapun yang bekerja di bidang industri harus selalu kreatif dan inovatif.
    Tapi saya menolak penawaran dari telkom tsb, karena yang marketing tak bisa menjelaskan keuntungan dan kerugiannya, hanya bebas abonemen. Dan suatu ketika saya membaca di Kompas, banyak pelanggan merasa tertipu, dan membayar lebih mahal.

    Betapapun telepon kabel tetap penting, namun menjadi tidak satu2nya lagi. Telkom perlu inovatif agar pangsa pasarnya tak makin menurun.

    Facs? Saya tak punya facs di rumah, sempat berpikir mau punya…tapi dengan scanner bisa teratasi….kemudian dikirim by email

  8. @nurrahman

    Ok… silahkan…. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Actually if Telkom adopted “Better Than Late Than Never” attitude even in the monopolistic business atmosphere, it was bad for both parties, for us and for Telkom itself. If only they were more concerned with the customers’ complaints fifteen years ago, I believe they would have grabbed more market share today! ๐Ÿ˜€


    Iya bu…. saya sebenarnya juga curiga seperti itu…. Hanya “akal-akal”an Telkom saja untuk memindahkan abonemen menjadi fixed subscription, padahal mungkin sama saja atau malah lebih mahal. Namun setidak2nya Telkom sudah mulai berusaha untuk berniat berinovasi walaupun caranya menggelikan dan terlihat pandir…

  9. you had a lot experience in technology and of course in life
    today, more child using internet, mail and other technology to did some criminal, and u can’t believe it, more child using this technology for porn, gambling and thing that didn’t have value to their education and their develompment

    “this is the different about your generation and my generation”may be thanks to Got because life in different era although the technology is uncompletely like this new era

    i had never ever got fax in my life, may be latter
    when i had finished reading your article i dream what will i look like on the future be? new technology, new style, and much more different
    how i should rise my childs? the time is good judge for things like this

    notice; i don’t really understanding how to enjoy tennis like u, some people believe that tennis is fun
    for me, i was boring when watching it
    sorry for my unvaluable comment and my bad language
    btw i loved to see your blog has good commentator

    • Ok… I understand what you are trying to say….

      Yes technology has two edges which are the positive one and the negative one. If we choose the technology to satisfy our good intention then the technology itself becomes so much valuable. But if we choose the technology to facilitate our bad deeds, then the technology itself becomes destructive and less valuable.

      Today, you don’t need a fax to send a document. If you have internet connection, it is a better substitution for facsimile machine. Scan and attach it on your e-mail and send it….. as simple as that!

      Well…. everyone has his or her own interests. Maybe tennis is not one of yours. But it is okay, as long as you don’t prefer sinetron to world-class tennis matches…. :mrgreen:

  10. a simple experience can be segabai story interesting and useful for others
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